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for Dorothy - about stretching...

Posted by Suzanne D on 7/24/03 at 20:50 (125170)

Hi, Dorothy! I happened upon a post of yours in a thread on this board which I didn't have time to read a few days ago. In it you said in part, 'If you just visualize the whole series of interconnected (as you mentioned earlier, leg bone connected to thigh bone...etc.)muscles, tendons, ligaments all the way down the back, leg through to the toes, it is not too much of a stretch (again, no pun intended) to be able to visualize all of the tightening up and then causing pain in one area or all of the 'line.' Plus, for every human being who gets to a 'certain age', the muscles get less flexible, shorter, etc. anyway. Maybe part of the problem with stretching that some PF people experience is that it is too localized, rather than stretching the whole 'line.'
I dunno .... If I knew, I would have a book out to cure everything!'

That was intriguing to me because of something I experienced last week. We went to Buffalo, NY to visit a friend, and I did worry about the walking to see the Falls, etc. I knew there would be quite a bit of walking, and though I am much better, still I am not 'normal', and I thought I might get in 'over my head' and have to just sit down and let the others keep going or else suffer much for the extra walking.

What I did was to wear my SAS shoes with the Superfeet orthotics and take Naproxin while we were gone. But I also stretched in the motel and in the car. In addition to the foot and ankle rotations, etc. that I usually do, I stretched out my whole legs. In the car, I put my seat belt on and then sat sideways in the back seat. I stretched my legs out completely straight and pushed my feet against the side of the door. I would do this for about 30 minutes.

I remembered over a year ago when I went with my daughter's choir to Branson on a bus and sat in the front seat, stretching my legs out to the metal bar in front of me. My feet really held up well after that, so I thought I'd try to do the same thing this time. Again, I was able to walk more than normal and felt no ill effects.

I have been inflexible all my life, I think. In college in our PE class, the teacher did various tests, and I was the most inflexible person in the class. Of course at the time I just thought, 'Oh, well...I've never been athletic. I am busy and active and not overweight. So it won't cause me any problems.' Wrong...

I think you are correct in surmising that some people with PF need to stretch more of the entire leg (but not weight-bearing) to help correct their problem.

I just thought I'd share this with you!
Suzanne :)

Re: for Dorothy - about stretching...

Dorothy on 7/26/03 at 02:10 (125265)

Here's the problem: Every time I read about something that has helped someone with PF here, I have the urge to get one of that helpful thing and try it - so now I'm reading your note and I see that I will need to get a bus!

Seriously, yes - my intuition, and my limited experience, tells me that stretching is a very important element in this whole process. I appreciate your telling your experience.

You might want to take a look sometime at the sites I mentioned in note to Sandra D. about taping from her suggested search - I looked under 'plantar fascitiis taping' at google and found a number of useful sites, including some that address stretching. Some recommend the stretches that have been un-recommended here, but others discuss the kind of 'whole body' stretching that I have been thinking of. (See my Wharton book reference)

Maybe what we need is an old medieval rack! No,no; I have to draw the line somewhere!
Best wishes ~

Re: for Dorothy - about stretching...

Sandra D on 7/26/03 at 21:56 (125313)

Dorothy, I am just like you anything I read on this site, I want to try it. I just hope we get some new insurance soon, I really need to see a POD. But sometimes after reading this site, I want to take charge of my healing myself.
Sandra D