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Post ESWT - what can i do to optimize the result ?

Posted by niels l on 7/25/03 at 02:28 (125180)

Hi, I just received my second round of low energy Eswt. After 4 years of foot pain I dont want to do anything that can have a negative effect on the result.

What should I do to get the best result ? Should I rest my feet even more the days or weeks after the treatment, shuold I ice (right) after the treaement, shold i strech gently (right) after the treaement or do/not do anything else to improve the result ?


Re: Post ESWT - what can i do to optimize the result ?

Dr. Z on 7/25/03 at 08:45 (125196)

If I had to pick something that would help you the most it would be rest and no walking without shoes

Re: Post ESWT - what can i do to optimize the result ?

john h on 7/25/03 at 10:08 (125217)

neils that is a very good question and I do not think the Doctors who administer ESWT would all agree on what is best. I am not even sure there is a best in this case. it may depend on the source of your PF and other factors we or the doctor know nothing about. the best you can do is to trust your doctor who administered the eswt and follow his advice.For me I did not do any thing major like lay down and rest for a few days. I went to work as always. I think I stopped any heavy exercise for a week or so. Some Doctors recommend heat like a whirlpool and I have some say to use some ice if your foot is swollen. I started off with PF about 8 years ago in both feet. At the time I would say my pain level was 5-6 but I must temper this with the fact that I had never had PF and my perception of pain at the time for an unknown disease may be different than today when I think I know what the problem is and have experienced the pain for some time. I now would describe my pain to vary between 1 and 3 and I never know wha it drops to a 1 or goes to a 3. I can walk 3 miles or ride a bike for 1 hour and mow the lawn. I would not do those things 8 ytears ago. My feet never hurt when I am not standing but they would burn 8 years ago even when laying down. Either time,eswt, or some of the other things I do (birks, not to much standing still, better shoes, orthotics) have helped me improve. I just cannot get over the hump to the point where I could run a mile.I have actually gone 2 weeks at one time or another where my pain level was under 1. Do not know why nor do I know why it would go back to a 2-3.