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plantar with a slight tear

Posted by nelson r on 7/25/03 at 08:21 (125187)

i have this problem about 8 months now have been getting phisacal therapy three time a week for 2 months now i still get a lot of pain.
should i put foot in cast which my doctor wanted to do at first but i was not sure i could walk too good, as my other foot i have pinched nerve and have partial shronken tenden. any advice would be appreciated.

thank you

Re: plantar with a slight tear

Dr. Z on 7/25/03 at 08:37 (125193)

There are many kinds of casts. Soft cast, boot casting. I agree all can aggravate the other foot. What kind of physical therapy treatments are you getting I would recommend ultrasound, electrical stimulation. IF you can't wear a cast then ESWT could be a very good option for your chronic plantar fasciitis.