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Insurance Denied - eswt

Posted by Zane U on 7/25/03 at 09:16 (125203)

I've just been denied insurance coverage for eswt. The reason stated was that my foot MRI didn't show any signs of PF. Is there medical evidence that pf always can be seen on an MRI. I think not, but wanted to see what the group / Dr's say. This is the worst news I've had in a long time. Thanks.

Zane Ullman
PF 13 years

Re: Insurance Denied - eswt

john h on 7/25/03 at 09:54 (125213)

Zane: I have never read of any evidence that an MRI can diagnose PF. the facts are that there is not gold standard test for PF. The Doctor listens to your descripton of yor symptoms, may take an x-ray or ultra sound and then based on his experience may give you a diagnosis of PF. To this day no one can tell you where the pain generator is in any one specific person who has PF..

Re: Insurance Denied - eswt

Dr. Z on 7/25/03 at 14:34 (125236)

Which insurance company denied your ESWT coverage?. Do they require an MRI on every case they approve?

Re: Insurance Denied - eswt

BrianG on 7/25/03 at 21:06 (125253)

Hi Zane,

Don't forget to appeal that decision. It may help, as they might be denying all expensive treatments, and then relenting once an appeal is made.

Good luck

Re: Insurance Denied - eswt

Jean P. on 7/30/03 at 12:36 (125676)


I too was denied coverage and ended up going to Canada for treatment. I was worried that I might be throwing my money away. I thought if this treatment works and it is cheaper than surgery insurance should be happy to cover it but I was wrong. It has been a year and I have gone from terrible pain in both feet and limping around to no pain. Hopefully as more studies come out insurance co. will come around. If not and you can swing it you might consider getting it anyway. I consider this last pain free year the best investment I could have made - and I am a penny pincher. It is so nice not having to plan my life around my feet. I hope you appeal and win - good luck.


Re: Insurance Denied - eswt Jeanie...

Lisa on 8/03/03 at 23:01 (126155)

jeanie...how much was it to have the treatmetn in Canada and where did you have it done? Thanks...Lisa