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bad arch and foot pain

Posted by jennifer h on 7/25/03 at 18:02 (125243)

i had Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy on march 31,2003 and since then i still have pain in my foot, recently more on the top of my foot and the bottom of the arch. what could be the reason why it hurts more now then before the surgury? i cant hardly walk on my foot the pan is so bad! could the reason be from scar tissue or my arch has fallen? when i walk on my foot i hear my foot pops. its feels lik something i out of place but i just had xrays on my foot and nothing is broken or fractor. my doctor said if scar tissue develops the he would have to go back in my foot this time making a bigger incision and taking the bone spur out, is this normal? thank you very much for your time and your infomation! please email me and let me know! thank you again

Re: bad arch and foot pain

john K on 7/25/03 at 18:17 (125244)

Your doctor wants to go back in a make a bigger incision? Why not just cut off your foot? This sounds like bad medicine to me. A bigger incision is going to result in 'more' scar tissue. I think I might get a second opinion about this. Was this a podiatrist who did this surgery?