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Skiing Injury, im 18

Posted by Andrew on 7/26/03 at 05:26 (125268)

I hurt both my heels in a free style ski jumping fall last year. Both my feet were insanely sore even when I was sitting down for hours after the fall, about 6 hours later I was able to walk.I went to the doctor and physio and got some gel to rub on it.

After about 5 months I totally forgot what happened and had absolutly no pain besides from some slight discomfort when I woke up in the mornings. Skiing last weekend I did the exact same thing again and hurt my heels again, only this time the pain was not so bad and I even skied for a little while that day.

After reading these boreds I got a little concerned...if I have heel spurs at only 18 whats it going to be like 5,10,30 years down the track? do heel spurs get worse with age, am I going to even be able to walk in 10 years time.

Will I ever be able to ski again? I love jumping and I dont want to stop but Id rather quit then fall again next year and end up not being able to walk.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Skiing Injury, im 18

Suzanne D on 7/26/03 at 08:20 (125271)

Hi, Andrew! Wow, skiing and free style jumping; I'm impressed! It looks so smooth and beautiful when you see someone do it, but I know I could never even stand up in skiis!

Did the doctor you went to after your first fall tell you that you had heelspurs or plantar fasciitis? Did your pain linger for the five months afterwards? If so, a reading of the Heel Pain Book on this site (just click on the blue words here) will give you great information.

You are wise to think ahead and not let something go that might trouble you more later in life. I can't tell you if you'll have problems in years to come, but I advise you to see a podiatrist if you haven't already done so and to take care of your feet. Unresolved problems do have a way of getting worse as time goes on. It sounds like that is what you are trying to do by asking your question, so that is good.

You also might want to pose your question on the 'Ask the Doctors' message board here if you haven't already done that. You might get more specific feedback there.

Good luck to you! I hope you get information that will help you.

Suzanne :)

Re: Skiing Injury, im 18

Dr. Z on 7/26/03 at 08:24 (125272)

Jumping as you already know is a high impact sport. This can and does cause plantar fasciitis. If you have excessive pronation( foot/ankle out of alignment and doesn't function correctly) this will cause you injury to happen more often. You may need more shock absorption material in your boots. May have to cut back or stop jumping part of skiing. See a sports podiatrist. There may be hope in continueing jumping


Re: Skiing Injury, im 18

Richard, C.Ped on 7/28/03 at 07:50 (125407)

Another thing you may want to do is to find a Certified Master Bootfitter, and talk with them about having your boots fit properly. Even if you have had that done, it sounds like it was not done properly.

My father-in-law is a Master Bootfitter as well as a C.ped. Please feel free to give him a call. No matter where you live, he can find a contact person near you to help you out. His number is: 1-800-675-4261.
Good luck!