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second time ESWT

Posted by Rosemary on 7/26/03 at 07:15 (125270)

Haven't posted in quite some time, which means, I have been feeling better. Had ESWT back in February, as a result foot was about 70% improved. At the time, the recovery was slow, and the week followng the treatment I could not go to work. However, I was barely making it to work prior to the treatment. By June I returned to some exercise, bike, free weights (upper body), rowing maching - no running. With some trepidation, I decided to have another treatment, hoping for more improvement. This experience was so different from the first because I was so much better going into the treatment. I was amazed that the night of the treatment I actually went out and even wore a pair of sensible sandals with no discomfort. 24hrs. post ESWT I just have discomfort in the back of my ankles - no pain in bottom of foot.
The pain I experienced prior to ESWT was disabling and I wondered if I would even be able to return to work. Five months later I feel like a different person. For those of you who are considering this treatment, I highly recommend it. It has given me back my life. Thanks to all of you who were so supportive during what was for me a very long, difficult winter. Good luck to all of you dealing with this very painful situation.

Re: second time ESWT

Lynn S on 7/28/03 at 21:22 (125508)


Congratulations on your success!! Did you have high intensity or low intensity shockwave treatment? (Ossatron? Dornier? Sonocur?). Did you ever have to wear orthotics? Do you need them now? Thanks, Lynn

Re: second time ESWT

Rosemary on 8/03/03 at 07:51 (126074)

Had high intensity. I have worn othotics, the silicone ones. I am still unsure about them, don't know if I improved because of them, in addition to the other things I have done or a combination of everything. I find that I can't tolerate orthotics on a full time basis, especially immediately following the treatment. During my healing process I use a combination of many methods, warm baths, therapeutic massages, rest and orthotics, acupuncture and even Raiki. Very little stretching - even though I know that is recommended, sometimes I feel that my pf got so bad as a result of overstretching doing yoga. I definately tore up my achilles and calf muscle, and to this day I do not recall a specific injury to that area. Throughout the past 8 months of healing, my calf is getting much less tight - so who knows what is helping what! Anyway, good luck to you and I wish you lots of healing. Rosemary