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Does being diagnosed with spurs mean surgery or not..??..........

Posted by Barbara B on 7/26/03 at 19:05 (125309)

Dear Doctor....before last month, I had never heard of spurs...it seems after a c-scan, I have been diagnosed with two..one on each side of of my ankle but in addition, I suspect that w/ the touble I am experiencing w/ the bottom of my feet, it's spurs and plantar fasciitis..the bottom of my foot has been swollen, painful, difficult to walk on and it foot appears to be twisting outward for the last fours yrs..I thought it was osteo-arthritis because I have it in my knee(s)...after hearing and wondering about the new findings...I remembered that Jan., 1998, I fell on this ankle, my whole body landed on this ankle...the treatment was rest, hot & cold applications and two weeks with a soft cast......from that time until present, I have lost feeling in four toes, I have numbness in parts of the foot, I find I drag it because I can't feel it, thus, I frequently fall because I think I'm walking but the foot is not moving, I also experience difficulty walking straight because it is painfully to plant the foot firmly on the ground...I've done therapy, stretching, steroids...no real relief. When told the findings, spurs and perhaps some nerve damage, I asked about the spurs and what were some remedies....I am being further tested...EMG and urology..before a final determination...the doctor mentioned that spurs were detactment of muscle from the bone....my question to you is what is the re-attaching about? How is that done? I am so weary from my condition now that I am very serious about pursuing this alternative, even if it means surgery.....if it's suitable for real relief to my condition and will improve my quality of life, I'm open. Thanks in advance for your attention and concern. I look forward to receiving your response, I need to hear another perspective or simply just another explanation of spurs.....in the light, B

Re: There are many other treatments, including ESWT

Sharon W on 7/28/03 at 14:48 (125457)


I'm not a doctor; hopefully one of them will respond to you. But I do have heel spurs that have been successfully treated without surgery.

Most people here would tell you to avoid surgery if you can; there are many other treatments, including steroid injections, ESWT, etc. This site is a wealth of info if you read the posts for a little while.

Also, please read The Heel Pain Book, which you will see as you enter this Heelspurs website. It's well worth your time to read it over... lots of good info there.