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heel pain

Posted by Barbara S on 7/27/03 at 08:19 (125327)

I have severe pain in my right heel when i put weight on it especially when i am driving my car. When i put pressure on the heel and the pain comes my calf muscles shake. Could this be plantaris fascitis

Re: heel pain

Dr. Z on 7/27/03 at 11:14 (125337)

Yes it could. Early treament is the key. Education is very important.
Read the heel pain book. See a podiatrist as soon as possible

Re: heel pain and shin splints

Jim H. on 7/27/03 at 21:20 (125393)

Yes I have gained weight. I was always 170# now I am 274# I had spin surgery w/rods aprox. 18' long 13 vertebra fused that has been 10 yrs. ago. Now I am not very active but I did go out this spring and did some landscaping, nothing like I use to do. Well now my heal has been hurting me and I find it hard to walk on it. My pain is on my left foot but it is on the oposite side of the videos say it should hurt my is on my outer left to almost the middle of heal. Is this still the same thing just different place? This is not related to the heal but might be important to know. I have had shin splints on the same side the left leg could this have caused my heal to hurt? What do you suggest?