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A comfortable shoe for problem feet?

Posted by JoAnn on 7/28/03 at 01:10 (125402)

Is there such a thing? I seem to be on a never ending search. I do wear birkenstocks but they hurt the bottom of my feet. I have short WIDE feet with corns/callouses on the balls of my feet. I also have PF and corns on my pinky toes plus the beginnings of bunions. I need a extra wide shoe with comfort on the bottom that is supportive for the PF. Any suggestions, please? Thanks

Re: A comfortable shoe for problem feet?

Richard, C.Ped on 7/28/03 at 07:55 (125408)

Hi Joann...
I like New Balance and Brooks as athletic shoes. There are softer Birks out there as well. The thing is, to prevent or help heal PF, you have to support the plantar fascia. Even if the shoe states that they have 'arch support', it is not your arch.

Make sure the shoe only bends at the ball, not the middle. Look into orthotics by finding a C.Ped in your area. Get estimates. The higher the cost does not mean the better the product. Trust me on that.