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Mortons neuroma

Posted by Cameron H on 7/30/03 at 09:01 (125629)

I had a mortons neuroma removed 8 yrs ago (from top). I am having problems again 8 yrs later. The doctor I saw said he would like to try a new treatment of a series of 100% alcohol injections (7 or so). I can't find this 'new' treatment info anywhere. After first (painful) injection my foot is very sore, feel tight/swollen and worse to walk on. I need to know if this series of alcohol injections is indeed a recommended treatment to try before 2nd surgery.

Re: Mortons neuroma

Terry Z on 7/30/03 at 09:45 (125637)

Do a search on this site for Mortons Neuromas I think you'll find this info. in one of the threads. I've never had these injection because of all my foot problems but I'd do it in a second if I could. You never know it may do the trick, let us know if you do and if it worked.