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can orthotics fit in birkenstocks

Posted by heather a on 7/30/03 at 11:58 (125670)

i want to wear sandals so bad i am hot and am wondering if birkenstocks have a removable bed or what i can do i have dr. prescribed orthodics will they fit in any sandals???please help!!!!

Re: can orthotics fit in birkenstocks

Carole C in NOLA on 7/30/03 at 22:30 (125742)

Some Birkenstocks have a removable footbed. I don't have any of the models that do, but I believe the Nebraska is one of them. You can check at http://www.birkenstockexpress.com , or another website that specifies whether or not a model has the removable footbed. Probably the best thing to do is to go to a Birkenstock store, and take along your orthotics. Then you can see how much will really show, or not, with whatever model of Birkenstock you plan to purchase.

Carole C