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What shoe provides the best stability?

Posted by Donna M on 7/30/03 at 17:40 (125718)

I have TTS. I am in terrific pain, wearing a brace currently, and need new supportive shoes with stability and comfort. Any suggestions?

Re: What shoe provides the best stability?

mike on 7/30/03 at 20:52 (125724)

I have had TTS for years and sorry to say have not found a shoe to help me. I have tried Rockport,Rocky, Birkenstock and even S.A.S. My doctor told me its not the shoe, its your feet. Best of luck.

Re: What shoe provides the best stability?

Terry D. on 7/30/03 at 22:01 (125734)

I have tried too have tried Rockports, Born, Birks, etc and some models have helped .....but the shoe( it's actually a running shoe) that is now working best for me is the New Balance 2000 gr. You can buy it online @ new balance web express for $149( originally it was $200)
When it came out it was New Balance's most technologically advanced shoe. They put a tremendous amount of research into this shoe. It is soft yet very firm. It is for mild to moderate pronators.
I am 10 weeks post op from tts and started running again this week. Only a half mile and very slow but it feels so good....my foot is still numb....but the feeling is coming back slowly.
Without this shoe I could not have run.
Hope this helps.
Terry D.

Re: What shoe provides the best stability?

lara on 7/31/03 at 01:16 (125758)

I went to a shoe store managed by a perdothist (sp? - the guys who make orthotics) and described my problem (TTS, seemingly worst when 'flexing' the foot - the action needed for walking). He recommended Dankso clogs (I believe they also have shoes for men that aren't clogs). I believe the things that are good about them are
-the shape of the sole which provides a 'rock' (as in 'rocking' motion) to a greater extent that many shoes. The bottom of the tip of the shoe is about 1' from the floor.
-good arches
-good stability for sideways motions. The shoe shouldn't be too stiff or too flexible (how's that for helpful!)
He could have suggested shoes 2-3 times more expensive (including Mephistos), but didn't. As an added bonus Dansko are relatively reasonably priced (under $100, which doesn't sound reasonable, but given the cost of sneakers which are 'good enough'...).

I recommend find a shoestore owned/managed by a perdothist.

Good luck.