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Custom-flex insert

Posted by D.Brumble on 7/30/03 at 19:42 (125723)

Don't order the custom flex insert. It was a hunk of foam and a piece of cardboard. I was supposed to cut it to fit my foot. $47.00 for that???

I sent it back immediately and this was in April. It's now almost August 1st and I still don't have my refund yet.

This product is a scam. Buyer beware.

Re: Custom-flex insert

Scott R on 7/31/03 at 19:48 (125823)

D Brubmle received a credit to her credit card on 5/9/2003, she was notified of this by email, and didn't email or call any complaints or questions. Returning products is made as easy as possible. The return rate for the custom flex is 7%. Her stated reason for return was 'changed my mind, do not need'. Contrary to her post, it's not supposed to be cut, but heated and molded to your feet instead.

Re: Custom-flex insert

Andrue on 8/04/03 at 10:55 (126196)

Perhaps you didn't get the instructions?

They very clearly state that you warm the 'cardboard' in an oven (I forget the temperature) then place it on the foam and step on both for a while.

The cardboard then moulds to the shape of your foot and fixes to that shape once its cooled.

There is no cutting required )the cardboard is already foot shaped) and they work quite well.