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Driving With a Boot

Posted by rose on 7/31/03 at 12:54 (125793)

Does anybody know if it is illegal to drive with a boot? It is on my right foot. I had it on for several months last fall and drove, and it was fine. Now, I am recovering from surgery and have the boot. I have tried driving with an athletic shoe, but it really hurts the bottom of my foot. I assume this is not good for my recovery. Right? I have been told to try the shoes during the day for a while and then get back in the boot and get in the shoes longer and longer each day. I am supposed to be able to drive now (it has been 4 weeks), but I am afraid that I might pull something or injure it if I drive in regular shoes.
Please give me your opinion if it will hurt me to use the shoes. It feels great to use the boot and I feel much much safer on the road. It is a van automatic and very easy to drive.
Thank you agoin for your time.

Re: Driving With a Boot

stella on 8/18/03 at 23:53 (127277)

I say no cause i havent been able to since i had surgery its dangerous. But i understand the pain part. I am lucky to have someone drive me to the store and that since its painful for me either way good luck