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Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

Posted by Cynthia a, on 7/31/03 at 18:39 (125820)

My name is Cynthia Andrews. I live in Dallas, TX.
Some of you might remember I posted a couple messages in the ESWT Message Board about 2, 3 years ago and tell people how frustrated I was. I got at least 20 people from message board response to encourage me.
Later on I communicated with at least 50 people in the Message Board trough email.

I had done ESWT twice in Dallas by Dr. Simpson in year 2000, about 5 months apart. During my recovery, I had posted several messages on the message board. I was wondering why I did not feel any improvement after 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 month? So many kind people responded to me, they said, hang in there, people just don't response to the ESWT that quickly, you might have to do it the third time and maybe a fourth time.
Anyway, I did not improve any from those two treatments, and I was frustrated and thinking that I belong to the group of people that does not respond to ESWT. Wrong, at the end of Last year I went to New York to Dr. John Mancuso's office. They perform an ESWT on me there. After the anesthesia is gone. I feel the pain from walking is gone. I was so surprised that I told all my friends, 'God had perform a miracle on me', I am 90 % cured. I could not even walk 30 minutes at a time before I went to Dr. Mancuso's office. Today I can walk as many hours as I want.
Later on I knew that The Lord did lead me to New York, which was a miracle. But The difference in the result is because of the different doctor. I did not understand much of the medical stuff. So I have to use my own words, the doctor in Mancuso's office had enough experience to put enough power in the application of the ESWT at the right position. The result was a lot of bruising on my feet after the treatment. I did not see much of bruising when they did the ESWT on me in Dallas. Apparently this procedure needs to be done in an aggressive manor to accomplish something.
Like the Heerspurs.com explained that the only risk in applying ESWT is bone fracture. I am guessing May be the Dallas Dr. Simpson just started using ESWT and was afraid of causing a bone fracture so he did not put enough power into the application.
One other thing, in Dr. Mancuso's office, it took less than one hour for the entire procedure. Also only local anesthesia was used in NY, in contrast to a general anesthesia being administered in Dallas, where the whole procedure took seven hours.
Now I can walk as long as I want, I still feel a little tight. I still need to stretch, but I am a lot happier.
For two years, I thought that I would not respond to ESWT. Thanks to Dr. Mancuso, my live is now changed. I can go anywhere I want to now. I will remember him all my life.
It is my pleasure to share this with all of you. I hope this information will help you.
Dr. John Mancuso's office number: 212-759-9090. My phone is: 972-378-0912.

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

Dr. Z on 7/31/03 at 19:09 (125821)

glad you are doing so well. So were in the FDA study in New York ? It is amazing how ESWT can help people. I really would appreciate if you would tell me if you would in the FDA study. This will allow Dr. Z to evaluate what machine you had and to compare it to the ossatron treatment that you had twice. Thanks

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

DrMan on 7/31/03 at 22:27 (125832)

Cynthia, I'm very glad you are still doing so well. Continue Stretching. Don't forget, tightness is a major factor in the cause of proximal plantar fasciitis (actually it's plantar fasciopathy, because there is minimal to no inflammation in chronic heel pain. The ESWT instigates an new inflammatory reaction, promoting healing and new elasticity of the fascia). Good Luck.

DrZ, Cynthia was in the FDA Double-Blinded Placebo Study with the Orthometrix ESWT Device. She obviously did receive the actual ESWT treatment and is now 7 1/2 months post treatment. She started out with a VAS pain scale index of 8.6 and completed the three months follow-up with a 1.1 index on the VAS pain scale. She still feels some tightness, yet no pain. I don't know if I could accept all those compliments, but, I'm sure you would agree that experience does matter. Those of us that have been doing ESWT for a long time could appreciate some of the finer details in the treatment process.
We are still recruiting patients into the FDA Study using this ESWT device. As you know this High-Energy Device is very successful with favorable results ranging 80-85%.

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

Dorothy on 8/01/03 at 03:52 (125843)

Congratulations on your success and your happy news. It was very nice of you to share this and the resource information for people who are seeking this kind of information.

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

BevN. on 8/01/03 at 08:46 (125858)

Where in NY is Dr.Mancuso? Is he in right in NY,NY , or another city in New York ?

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

Dr. Z on 8/01/03 at 09:02 (125859)

Go Big O. Keep up the great work. My ears hurt thinking about the treatment

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

BevN. on 8/01/03 at 09:23 (125863)

Dr Z,
Why ?

Re: How much stretches post ESWT?

Jen L on 8/01/03 at 13:00 (125899)

Hi, I'm encouraged to hear the success story.
I'd like to know how much stretching you should do post ESWT to have the optimal result. Right now I'm quite confused about it. I do non-weight bearing stretches 10 minutes each time three times a day, but even this gentle stretching can make my feet- the whole feet hurt sometimes. When I do not feel the extra pain from stretching I am not sure whether I have done enough for the day. Besides, is passive streching at night by wearing nightsplints a must?
I had ESWT of low intensity two weeks ago, and very eager to know about the right path to a recovery.
I would appreciate it if you, an ex-PF sufferer or a doctor w/h ESWT experience enlighten me further.


Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

Dr. Z on 8/01/03 at 15:34 (125912)

The machine is very loud. When I use to use this machine It got to the point where my ears would ring at the end of the day. We even used ear plugs to stop the sound. I hated them because you can't talk during the procedure with the patient

Re: How much stretches post ESWT?

Dr. Z on 8/01/03 at 18:10 (125923)

First of all you need to find out if you have equinus or lack of ankle motion. If you don't then no stretching is needed. If you are having pain,when stretching, then you are stretching way too much.

Re: How much stretches post ESWT?

Rosemary on 8/03/03 at 08:03 (126075)

The treatmet mentioned by Cynthia is well worth it. Last year I honestly did not think I would ever experience the activity level I had in the past. Also a patient of Dr. Mancuso, the ESWT performed on what I consider to be a significant case of PF has had fabulous results. I strongly recommend the treatment, and obviously strongly recommend Dr. Mancuso for anyone who can make the trip into NY. If the cost is an issue, then look into being a candidate for the study.

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

Aly on 8/03/03 at 11:51 (126103)

Hi Bev,

Dr. Mancuso is right in NYC.

Aly :)

Re: How much stretches post ESWT?

BevN. on 8/03/03 at 13:18 (126109)


Somedays I believe I could sell my house to fly to NY to get ESWT by Dr. Mancuso to get this darned pain over with once and for all 8-(PIPE)

Re: How much stretches post ESWT?

Rosemary on 8/05/03 at 06:36 (126253)

Hi Jen, regarding stretces, I honestly did not do that many (if any stretches) post ESWT because I found it really aggravated my condition. In fact, the stretches advised during physical therapy prior to ESWT really made things worse. In my case, I think my PF got worse after I overstretched during Yoga workouts. Overstretching can really make this condition worse. I really did not start stretching again until very recently. Sometimes in the morning I gently flexed my feet before getting up out of bed. The key here is to listen to your body. If 24 hrs. after you have done something new you are in increased pain, just stop it for awhile. Good Luck

Re: How much stretches post ESWT?

JudyS on 8/05/03 at 13:11 (126280)

Amen to that, Rosemary. I'm very certain that overstretching made my PF worse. My Pod kept telling me to stretch so I did! Many folks here have made the same discovery and have come to realize that the 'stretching' we need to do is really for staying somewhat flexible, not for aggressive stretching of any tendon or muscle. We need to get past the worse of the PF first, then work on the actual elongation of the calf muscle(s). Like you, I came to focus mostly on the early morning warm up before I got up. I still do. That warmup is also helpful after sitting for a long period of time.

Re: How much stretches post ESWT?

Jen L on 8/05/03 at 17:04 (126302)

Thanks for your comments on stretches, Dr.Z, Rosemary and Judy. Ok, it seems that it's another individual thing: to do stretch or not, either post ESWT or with no ESWT! The stretches I mean here is not the aggressive ones like wall stretches suggested by many doctors,which were all discarded by the folks on this site long ago, but the Yuga exercises so many of us accepted as our 'standard' program. I did not have any problem with ankle rotating and flexing the foot, it's the toe curling part that has caused a problem for me. And I don't think I overdid it. Even though the exercise is gentle, it may help person A but not good for person B. Some of you had a satisfactory recover without any stretching, doesn't it show again nothing is universally true in regards to finding a cure for PF?

Re: Relief at last. Hope this message will help other people

Cynthia a, on 8/11/03 at 17:56 (126743)


Dr. Mancuso's office is in New York.
Manhattan Podiatry Associates, P.C.
133East 54th Street. NY

You can call them and check more information.