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Driving with a boot

Posted by rose on 7/31/03 at 22:18 (125831)

Does anybody know if it is illegal to drive with a boot? It is on my right foot. I had it on for several months last fall and drove, and it was fine. Now, I am recovering from surgery and have the boot. I have tried driving with an athletic shoe, but it really hurts the bottom of my foot. I assume this is not good for my recovery. Right? I have been told to try the shoes during the day for a while and then get back in the boot and get in the shoes longer and longer each day. I am supposed to be able to drive now (it has been 4 weeks), but I am afraid that I might pull something or injure it if I drive in regular shoes.
Please give me your opinion if it will hurt me to use the shoes. It feels great to use the boot and I feel much much safer on the road. It is a van automatic and very easy to drive.

Re: Driving with a boot

BrianG on 8/01/03 at 21:52 (125954)

Hi Rose,

I drove for months with a 'boot' on my right foot. My doctor told me that as long as it did not interfere with my driving, it would be legal. Later on (after the boot) I was in in an accident, someone pulled out into the side of my work car. There was a lot of damage, and I had to call the local PD. I noticed the driver had a large brace on, covering about 3/4 of his right leg. As soon as the 1st officer pulled up, I pointed it out to her (I also knew her from work). She asked him some questions and determined the brace did not have any effect on causing the accident. She did write him up for driving to endanger!!! Just make sure your boot will fit between the gas pedal, and the brake. The larger sizes may interfere, depending on the car. I wore a medium, and was fine.

Good luck

Re: Driving with a boot

Kathy G on 8/02/03 at 08:52 (125969)


If you are really concerned, why don't you call your local police station or the State Police? They should know.

Good luck to you. You sound like you're making progress!