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Pain free with diet!!!!!

Posted by rose on 7/31/03 at 22:39 (125836)

I know this sounds crazy, but this has happened to my best girlfriend. She is an aerobics, water aerobics, senior yoga and stretch, and adult step exerfcise teacher and several years ago contracted severe plantar fasciitis. Well, she had as many shots as were allowed over the course of several years. She was also casted and tried other things. Finally she started studying diet. After much research and trial and error, she found out that if she did not eat wheat or corn, her plantar fasaciitis disappeared. She also became much more flexible. She has tried to eat those items as a test many times to make sure, and when she does it comes back full force. Apparently these foods produce inflamation in her body. When she leaves these items out of her diet, she has no foot pain and is able to teach 24 hours a week of aerobics. She is 51 years old, and it is like a miracle for her.

Re: Pain free with diet!!!!!

rose on 7/31/03 at 22:42 (125837)

I must add, that I got the plantar fasciitis after she did, and this did not work for me. Although, since then I have found out I also am sensitive to wheat products and am much healthier without them in my diet. I am also a former fitness teacher and decided to go ahead with the surgery since I needed it so much for the neuroma on the other foot. I am looking to full healing and going back to teaching again. I will start slowly with water and senior classes. Also, I am almost 60, so I will treat my feet very gently.

Re: Pain free with diet!!!!!

marie on 8/03/03 at 17:03 (126121)

I have heard of this type of thing. Food can affect us physically. My oldest son had a terrible temper as a child...we found that he acted up when he ate cinnamin...my hubby was making cinnamin toast for him every day. We took cinnamin , wheat and corn out of his diet. This was all under the supervision of an allegy doctor. It worked. It's a kind of food allergy. The doctor we saw told us that alka selzter gold would help if he had a reaction and it was amazing how well it worked. I wonder if it would do the same for PF.

Chocolate affects my sister...she gets week long migrains. When she removed chocolate from her diet the headaches went away. She had suffered with them all her life.