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plantar fasciitis or heel spur?

Posted by JJ on 8/01/03 at 10:03 (125877)

OK. It started like a bruise about 7 weeks ago and got really bad. I run 30 miles a week. I've stopped running now for almost 4 weeks with only one little run 3 weeks ago(which I now regret having done). The pain is gone, mostly, BUT just tried to go for a run for the first time in 3 weeks and it feels like a really bad bruise and almost a bump on my heel. I of course didn't even make it down the street and will go swimming and pool running today instead. Is it a heel spur? I go to the doctor next week, and I am so scared he is going to say it is something that will keep me from training for all of the half marathons I like to do in the fall and winter.

Re: plantar fasciitis or heel spur?

Richard, C.Ped on 8/01/03 at 13:13 (125902)

Hi JJ...
Is the bump or bruise on the back of our heel or on the bottom of your heel?

Re: plantar fasciitis or heel spur?

JJ on 8/01/03 at 19:50 (125943)

Bottom right place in diagrams that show classic area for pain.

Re: plantar fasciitis or heel spur?

danielle on 8/02/03 at 18:47 (126029)

i have a sore heel when i play netball as i do alot of sport.
Can you please give me some suggestions on how to tape my foot so than i can tape my foot and let it help my heel....
thank-you please reply

Re: plantar fasciitis or heel spur?

Richard. CPed on 8/02/03 at 20:02 (126036)

It is good that you are seeing the doc. That is the best way to tell exactly what is going on there. If it is PF, a good pair of orthotics will help lift and support the plantar fascia which in turn will decrease the stretching and pain.
Keep us infomed of what the doc tells you.

Re: plantar fasciitis or heel spur?

Richard. CPed on 8/02/03 at 20:05 (126037)

Hi Danielle...
I am not a big fan of taping, so if you really want taping advice, there are others here who do it.

You may just need a softer type orthosis with some cushion in the heel.

I would say that if you are really concerned, find a good DPM or Sports ortho doc to make sure that you are able to correctly target the problem.

Re: plantar fasciitis

Candace H. on 8/23/03 at 22:01 (127786)

It is now 6 weeks since the ESWT I had done in Tulsa, OK. The procedure is so new to our area that I had to send 3 plea letters and the doctor sent 2 before my insurance company would agree to the procedure. I am not totally pleased. I can say my left foot feels 65% better, but I still have pain and limp.I wear inserts in my shoes all the time. I continue to soak my foot in epsom salts every night. What I have read, the experts say it takes at least 12 weeks to know if the ESWT worked.I know of another person that had the procedure done and after 2 days post ESWT he had no more pain and none since. That is how I want to feel--NO PAIN. I realize every person heals differently. I am a RN and I should be able to be on my feet alot and now I am so debilitated that I have an office job in Home Health. The plantar fasciitis has changed my whole life. I have been suffering for more than a year now. I am afraid to have surgery on my foot. I would agree to have another ESWT treatment if the insurance OK's it. None of the conservative treatments have helped me. I continue Vioxx everyday too.

Re: plantar fasciitis

Dr. Z on 8/24/03 at 10:04 (127807)

Yes it takes time for the healing process. Glad you have more then 50% of pain reduction at this state.
Do plantar fascia stretching before you get up. See posts on method.
Taping, elastic ankle supports can help you during the healing process.
A second treatment isn't done until after 12 weeks and that is only if there is very little improvment.
The plantar fascia stretches chould help you alot.