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Foot problems vs. back problems ?

Posted by Gail S. on 8/01/03 at 11:15 (125884)

Hello, I have been being treated for 8 months for PF and posterior tibial tendonitis. Physical therapy 3 times a week ( whrilpool,ultrasound, deep tissue,) streching and icing regular.conditions have improved alot.still experiencing everyday discomfort in ankles calfs and with heavy activity my feet act up and low back pain does accure.Now with my Last Dr. visit (ins dr.) not my primary dr. He did xrays and suggested that all my problems with my feet, leg and ankles were from lower back problems not from a 10 year waitressing job walking 8 hr shifts.
One Dr. says back discomfort accure with exsisting foot diagnosis.Other dr. says it's the other way around. I know it could go either way, which is most common? Thanks for any input...Gail

Re: Foot problems vs. back problems ?

Carole C in NOLA on 8/01/03 at 13:32 (125905)

Gail, I have PF and I don't have back problems. Still, PF sufferers often happen to have back problems since back problems are so common among everyone in America these days.

I am not a foot doctor, or foot professional. I have a strong hunch that most commonly there is no relationship between foot problems and back problems when one person happens to have both. Of course, that is not saying that sometimes one does not arise from the other. However I don't think that's usually the case.

On the other hand, people who have worked 10 years waitressing in 8 hour shifts often DO have foot problems. That's a job that is really tough on the feet! Maybe you should consider changing jobs to find one where you could sit. Perhaps at your restaurant the cashier sits down, and if that's true then maybe you could ask to do that until your feet recover. Or maybe there is some other sitting-down job that you could do. Resting the feet often is very helpful for PF.

Carole C

Carole C