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Hi was thinking of our friends

Posted by Tammie on 8/02/03 at 14:15 (126013)

Was thinking and wondering how our friends are ? Has anyone heard from Julie? I have not seen Judy either for a while. Or Carmen,Texas Barb,Nancy N,Valerie just a few of them. I sometimes think of there helping posts as they were the ones that held this group together and when I came here I know that alot of them gave me endless emotional support not to mention the hand holding and then the kick in the butt(so to speak lol) when needed so that I could pick me up and get back in the long road.

I just wondered if they are all doing well and hope that life is being good to them and they are loving life and keeping the smile. Thanks to them all I feel like I pulled thru a huge nightmare. I still hear from Janet and Laurie,Necee,Suzanne,Sharon ,Brian,Carole,and many others but forgive me my memory is um taking a holiday today! Ha! Not to mention The Good Dr.s Here they have supported me as well as many others here and that makes me think they are some pretty awesome people! No matter what people think people like that who give of themselves asking for nothing in return is very unusual in this day and age look around you shall see and with that you will also see that thease fine DOCs here really are something wonderful! Not to mention the wonderful families they must have to allow them to give there time to us here. I thought about it I would not like my hubby to be a Dr. I am much to selfish I want him to my self when I can have him LOL so I know you Dr.s must have good families!

From me and many of us here today I want to ask that the Dr.s here give there family extra hug and tell them it is from us the heelspur gang and that we are so very greatful that they have a wonderful person like you to take time for us! Then for them to allow you to take the time for us! Heh Thanks again! I am going to go out today and see if the sun will peak out and if so maybe try to swim in pool,I so want to if only it is warm enough! Keep the sun shining !

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Carole C in NOLA on 8/02/03 at 17:07 (126019)

Tammie, I miss them all too. A lot of them left due to political arguments on the social board and some of the people that engaged in them and egged on others for attention. I don't know if any of our old friends plan to ever return. So the next time you read ANY political post, remember our old friends and how great the support here once was.

I have been and am very close to leaving as well, for the same reasons, which is not meant as a threat but just a matter of information.

Carole C

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Suzanne D on 8/02/03 at 21:55 (126057)

Tammie and Carole, I miss our old friends, too. I think of them often and sometimes look at their pictures on the board. Silly, huh? But I do. They all helped me in one way or another, and I will always be grateful to them.

It hurts to see kindness trampled or injustice prevail. It hurts to see tempers flare and friends leave. I hope it doesn't happen again. And I would be truly sad and at a loss if you left, Carole. I would respect your decision, but it would still be a sad thing to me.

What is that quote that says something like, 'I shall not pass this way again. Therefore, any good that I can do, I should do...' That's how I feel. I didn't choose to get PF - never heard of it until I did! - but I am passing this way now because of it. And along the way I've been blessed by the kindness and help of others. So I want to touch as many along this way as I can for good.

Suzanne :)

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Carole C in NOLA on 8/02/03 at 22:28 (126061)

Aw, Suzanne, you do know me, don't you. I guess that's why I'm still hangin' around, too. If things get too political in the social/support board, I guess I can always just temporarily retreat to the other message boards on this site like I did the other times. I'd hate to completely lose contact with my heelspurs.com friends, too.

Sometimes it seems like our voices are drowned out and then I wonder if we are doing any good at all. But other times it's not like that.

Carole C

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Sharon W on 8/03/03 at 00:36 (126067)

Very well said, Suzanne.

Many people leave these boards when they no longer feel a need for them. Despite what happened a few months ago, I still think the main reason for people leaving is not political discussions or even hurt feelings -- I think it's because SOME OF US DO GET BETTER and then get so busy with normal life there just isn't much time to spare for message boards.

Among those Tammy named were some who fit that description. There is less incentive to remain here once your feet are feeling better and you are moving on with your life.

But I don't think it's so important to remember how and why each person chose to leave. I think it's more important to remember the kindness and helpful words and other contributions of the posters we have lost so that, even if the posters you remember fondly never 'pass this way again,' the warm fuzzy feelings and great advice and other benefits we got from knowing them will remain with us for a long time.


Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Carole C in NOLA on 8/03/03 at 01:44 (126072)

Sharon, you can think what you want, but several of the people specifically mentioned told me that they left due to the political discussions.

Of course their feet were better; they were regulars and had been here a long time. Their feet were better long before they even thought of leaving. But even though their feet were better, they didn't leave until the political discussions which they specifically told me were their reasons for leaving.

Carole C

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Kathy G on 8/03/03 at 09:03 (126080)

I miss all these people, too. As Carole says, a great number of them left because of political disagreements. It's sad that we were unable to control how vitriolic those discussions became and it's sad that they felt they had to leave. For some of us, it was an extremely upsetting time and I'm glad that it's over. I'm just sorry that we lost some good posting friends in the process!

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Sharon W on 8/03/03 at 09:19 (126082)


I am aware of the people you mean. [But they certainly aren't the only people who have left within the past year.] Yes, perhaps if the political discussions had never occurred they would have remained with Heelspurs forever -- I don't know. I doubt it, actually; some of them had already begun to post infrequently and at least one of them had previously chosen to leave (because of something not related to political discussions), but later returned. As you say, they were regulars who had been here a long time -- most of them no longer needed help or advice about their feet very often because their feet had gotten better, so they posted mostly on the social board.

I miss them, too -- one or two of them in particular.

But I think it is better to remember the positive contributions of past posters to the boards, not just focus on the way they left or the reasons they gave for why they did so.


Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Kathy G on 8/03/03 at 09:25 (126083)

That's such a healthy way to look at it, Sharon. That's why you're one of my favorite posters! You keep everything in perspective and always see the positive side to everything!

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

marie on 8/03/03 at 15:07 (126113)

Thanks Sharon!

I have spoken to at least two of the people mentioned and although some of the political discourse on the boards may have triggered them to leave they were undoubtedly ready to go any way. Things change. We don't like change because it upsets our comfortable routine. I would like to think that those that are gone still stop by to visit and see what is going on. And if so here's a big hug for you >:D< !

Now Carole what would we do without you! I still have such a vivid picture of you with your x-acto knife trimming your bannana trees. We'd miss you terribly.


Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

marie on 8/03/03 at 15:08 (126114)

Tammie how are you feeling?

Re: Try some Nice words today OK

Tammie on 8/03/03 at 16:04 (126119)

Gsh ,I do not want any uneasy feelings.I just was thinking and looking at the pics of some of the crew which helped me.Thinking about how they were and how much they meant to me.Without them,and there,Love for helping others,medical knowledge and just friendship and that was just a tip of what they provided to many. I just don't want to write them of permenant. I hope to see them pop in someday and say hello again!

As for the political issues I to was very upset and felt this was not the place for them, I kinda felt that they should have taken them private or they could have found a different link but I just decided to overlook them and skip them! It was easy.No read no hard feelings or angry disagreements! Life is full of so many angry people for all kinds of reasons good and bad but seems to me this is a pretty petty compared to what some of the world issues at large. No one person can be responsible for any one deed. Not only does it take a village to raise a child it also takes the Unitited States people to support there Goverment no matter what the issues are and there Men and Woman who are giving there lives each day So that people may have some of what we so love.Freedom. If those who feel we are not getting it could always leave the states and go live in the countries that they feel are better. I wonder how quick then the people would change there talk.

Life is short all the more reason to make it the best! To do it it takes each of us to help make sure it is saying one kind thing could really start something big!!! Just imagine what angry politics do Haha try now instead nice things oops can it really work? Oh well I am sorry that this became something more than just a curiosity of where some friends are and how they are doing. I just really cared. I think it is very sad that this did happen and I am sorry that I didnt see it happen. But I wish others would just skip over also!
Carole , Please dont leave over petty stuff ignore it you are much better then gossip or angry words. All of us are.Suzanne you sure said alot of what I wanted to ,My thoughts arent what I want I take to many meds and my thinking process is slow now very ! Take care and smile Good Day to all!

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Necee on 8/04/03 at 08:15 (126162)

I don't think Carmen has left the board....she's just been so busy with her father's illness. I know that many of you are aware of her father's situation, we must continue to remember them in our prayers.
It's always so nice to hear from the 'Oldtimmers'.....I've been hangin' around here for almost 3 yrs now.....I wouldn't leave for any reason.
I've made some great friends here, and for that I'm very grateful!!

Happy trails....


Re: Necee I am sorry

Tammie on 8/04/03 at 12:28 (126202)

I did not know about Carmens Father. I shall add him to my prayers. I have such a long list of emails that sometimes I cant get to all.I decided to peek in and see how are friends are! I was sad to see alot of the former gang isnt here.I just hope they are doing well and that the feet are holding out for them!

I hate to think that politics drove them away.But see I end to skip alot, as to much for me. I have enough to deal with. Well Necee I am glad your vacation sounded so great,I was thinking how jelouse I was of you!!! I would love that kinda vacation the quiet the woods the nature no TV. that would be so me! Not my Hubby tho, he is so oppisite, he would want comfort and TV and stores and restraunts and such. Not me a box of my cereal milk that would do me for a few days. I think you have such a free quiet spirit,that is what keeps you so special! Someday if I get rich You know I am going to show up on your steps and you have to take me to see that special outie lol.Take care.

Re: Necee I am sorry

Sharon W on 8/04/03 at 12:46 (126204)


Carmen did go through a difficult time over her father's health.

Politics didn't drive Carmen away. She left (this time) over another issue.

I keep in touch with Carmen, and she's doing fine. She is still active with helping the humane society, and she's been feeling pretty good. I don't think she reads the boards all that often anymore, but I'll be sure to pass on your concern and good wishes!


Re: Necee I am sorry

Tammie on 8/04/03 at 13:01 (126205)

Thank You Sharon! I just sometimes forget to thank people for all that they have done for me and I just like to when my memory is good and I can think lol! I am so sorry that her father has been ill, that can be very stressfull and take all ones energy! I do hope she is getting enough rest.
But it is so nice to know she is adopting all the little creatures aout there that are being abused! I watch a tv show about animal crulity it is on somtimes really late at night ,when I cant sleep. It makes me sad to see how some people take care of there so called loved pets.

Not me I have a cat 2 dogs in home and well my middle boy drug in a big lab and when he left to live in his apartment well he stayed with us and became our big baby Boy he has his own fan radio a door into our garage a huge kennel I mean huge to it cost a fortune I could not believe my hubby, but he had to have the best! He is mush to big for inside he sneaks in on ocasion and he is like the bull in a shop .But we love him now. I am a sucker for animals I say no but they alwasy get in! Thanks Sharon!

Re: Hi was thinking of our friends

Tammie on 8/04/03 at 13:33 (126209)

HI and thanks for asking. Each day is a new one and I take it with a deep breath and the notion that I can do this.By the end of the day I am exhausted and most ofton done in and taken over by my enemy (RSD)But I continue and pray for tomorrow to bring me a new day and new hope and the streghth to get threw it without the RSD beating me down again.Sounds sad.

But really it is'nt as I am still fighting and I have not given up and I am looking for answers still and methods that may help me! See everyone is so different what may help me may not help you or vice or versa. So there are no quick answers. Every day we try new things looking hoping this will be the answer not another end of the road or a block. So I'd like to say yes I am doing as well as one could be at this point! But thankfully I have the board for friends as besides the board the friends you think you had leave after months of the same things and answers and never better,it does get very lonely here!