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Healing PF and exercise

Posted by ThaedaF on 8/02/03 at 20:32 (126045)

I was diagnosed w/ PF recently. My heel pain started in December and had gotten progressivley worse to where I HAD to go to the dr. Over the last 2 years, I have lost 120 pounds and still have 30 to go. I LOVE to exercise--and have been exercising 6 days a week, vigorously, for over a year. The pain from my PF is getting so bad that it is beginning to interfere w/ my workouts. I cannot afford orthotics right now---can I change my workouts to help my heel get better? Right now, I run, play racquetball, take spinning classes (bikes), and take kickboxing classes. I also lift weights twice a week. I do not know how to swim (and my gym doesn't have a pool) so that isn't really an option. I HAVE to workout or I will totally go crazy and I will gain back the weight I have worked so hard to lose. I am icing and stretching, and have had 2 cortisone shots, but my heel still hurts a lot. One of my friends said that i should just stop working out for a few weeks and see if that helps----I really want to avoid that if I can---HELP!!!


Re: Healing PF and exercise

Sandra D on 8/05/03 at 16:29 (126291)

Thaeda, I know how you feel about working out. I am trying to lose weight also. I wanted to lose the weight for my health but mostly to stop the pain in my feet. Most people on this site recommend stopping the exercise until you get better. Anything that hurts your feet you should not do. With what you mentioned above, the only thing that might not hurt you feet is weight lifting. I wish you blessing and be sure to post and let everyone know how you are.
Sandra B.