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Hindfoot varus and peroneal injury

Posted by Hank A on 8/02/03 at 20:44 (126048)

Can you direct me to info re: hindfoot varus and peroneal injury? My daughter is a gymnast who has some calcanial varus and has vertically split her peroneus brevis tendon at the pully around the fibular tip.
H. Adams

Re: Hindfoot varus and peroneal injury

Dr. Z on 8/03/03 at 19:17 (126129)

May need a cast, and or surgery to repair this. So you have an MRI. What does the doctor want to do with the problem

Re: Hindfoot varus and peroneal injury

BGCPed on 8/03/03 at 20:45 (126141)

She probably has cavus feet. that is high arch, calc varus and plantarflexed 1st ray. This can be a tough injury to treat for a gymnast since they cant wear shoes and orthotics while doing it. I would imagine she has a histroy of inversion sprains as well, that is usually what contributes to the peroneal split.

I have seen a few figure skaters with it also and when they bend their ankles up then down you can see the tendon pop over the ankle bone. Sometimes just fixing the tendon doesnt last long term due to the functional and structural problem that remains. What area are you located? may be able to point you in a good direction

Re: Hindfoot varus and peroneal injury

Hank A on 8/03/03 at 22:52 (126153)

Located near Cleveland, OH. Thanks for the reply.

Re: Hindfoot varus and peroneal injury

BGCPed on 8/04/03 at 07:00 (126159)

There is a good foot ankle guy in Columbus named Dr Jeff Rocco and there is also the Cleveland Clinic or you could drive up to Detroit and see Dr Arthur Manoli, he treats many of those. Good luck

Re: Hindfoot varus and peroneal injury

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/04/03 at 21:08 (126243)

A percentage of splits in the peroneal tendon are not pathological so it is important to see someone with a lot of expertise in that area.