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Tarsal tunnel surgery

Posted by Mindy F on 8/02/03 at 22:19 (126059)

My 19 year old daughter has tarsal tunnel syndrome in both of her feet which is very unusual for someone her age. She has been seeking conservative treatments for the past 2 years-orthotics, cortisone shots, physical therapy. Nothing has proven successful. She had an EMG last year and it did prove positive. She is now having surgery next week by an orthopedic surgeon in NYC, who deals strictly with the heel and ankle area only. What can she expect as far as pain afterwards and recovery? I would appreciate any responses and help. Thankyou

Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

marie on 8/03/03 at 17:09 (126122)

I have not had the surgery but from what I understand it's not easy for most. You may get more responses on the surgery board. There are several folks who have recently had surgery and they may be able to give you an idea.

I'll be thinking of your daughter next week!

Best wishes, marie

Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

Terry D. on 8/03/03 at 21:43 (126149)

The recovery varies with each person. With your daughter being young etc I would think that is to her advantage concerning recovery. But roughly 1 wk resting no weight on foot, next two weeks crutches, start of 4th week water walking. 5-6 possibly walking. By week 8 she should be walking but will probably still feel the incision.
Does the Dr. have an idea of what is causing her tarsal tunnel entrapment?
I had my surgery 11 weeks ago and the recovery is going well but it will take time. She won't be running x country etc for a while.
Each Dr. will also prescribe a different time frame and way to recover.
My surgery was by Dr. Dellon, from Johns Hopkins. He is recognized as leader with tts. I followed his recovery advice. You can find his research by doing a search for Dr. A Lee Dellon.
Best of luck

Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

Sharon W on 8/04/03 at 09:13 (126174)


As Terry said, the recovery varies from person to person (-- but it almost always takes longer than you think it will)! Just be SURE that your surgeon is going to provide her with good after-care. BEFORE the surgery, if possible, ASK him/her about the following:

1) What painkillers does he plan to prescribe for her to take home after the surgery and how long does he expect she will be needing them? ('Tylenol or Advil should be OK; call me if you think she needs something stronger' is NOT the right answer to this question!!! And Darvocet isn't strong enough for the pain she will have after this surgery, either.)

2) What will be used to immobilize her foot and ankle immediately after the surgery (cast, splint, etc.) and for how long will she be using it?

3) When will she begin physical therapy? ('I don't usually recommend that for TTS surgery' is NOT a good answer for this question!)

4) For how long will she be non- weight bearing? (That means, 'How long will it be before she can put any weight on her foot?) Will we need to rent a wheelchair, or get crutches?

5) How long do you expect it will be before she can put her full weight on it again, and wear a normal shoe?

Your doctor may not be able to give you an answer for some of these questions until AFTER the surgery, when he knows the full extent of the damage that the TTS has done inside her foot and how much surgical work he had to do in order to repair it. But at least, he will know that those questions are things you will be wanting an answer to... and anything he hasn't already answered before the surgery, you can ask him again afterward.

I wish you and your daughter all the best.

Good luck!


Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

stella on 8/04/03 at 22:11 (126247)

Hi i had my surgery may 22nd and am still having problems healing. Like they have said every person is different. Its been 2 months and im still with a walker, and a wheelchair i cant put much weight on my foot no walking it hurts too bad. I am still on vicodin for the pain i couldnt afford the neuotrin. I am hoping things go well with your daughter i am 25 and have worked retail since i was 15 which i know is why i developed this. I worked 8-10 hours with no breaks for the last year at my last job i am working to win my workermans comp case. Finally recieved the letter today from my dr who waited a year now. Since last july i have had tried everything so i feel for ur daughter it is frustrating and still is til this day. My swelling will not go away i even bought compression socks however today i have been in much pain :( good luck with everything

Re: Comment for Stella

Sharon W on 8/04/03 at 23:14 (126248)

Stella, what great news that you FINALLY got that letter from your doctor! \:D/ :D

He sure did take his sweet time getting it ready for you, though. LOL> 8-(PIPE)


Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/05/03 at 17:40 (126307)

Has your daughter been evaluated by a neurologist? Perhaps she should as TTS is unusual for her age as you realize.

Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

Sheryl W on 5/21/09 at 00:37 (257648)

I recently had tarsal tunnel surgery. This is the third surgery I have had on my foot (one experimental and one for heel spur). As of today, I am still having severe pain and am growing rather frustrated. I too have worked retail for serveral years. I didn't file worker's compensation, but am thinking now that I should. How did yours turn out?