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Posted by Mike B. on 8/05/03 at 11:31 (126267)

I have had chronic plantar fascitis (PF) for two years. I have gone through all of the 'conservative treatments' including PT, night splints and 8 weeks in a Cam Walker, without relief. I have had an MRI (showed positive for PF with some edema) and EMG (negative for any abnormalities). Both my orthopedic MD and Podiatrist agree that I should have ESWT treatment done. I am -- was -- a runner (30 miles per week) for 14 years and have had to give it up (not run in over a year due to the pain). What are the odds that I can get back to running with decreased if not minimal pain? I really need something to work....


Rachael T. on 8/05/03 at 17:03 (126301)

Read my comment on the Treatments board that I just posted today - maybe that post will give you some hope in returning to your running eventually. I have begun to do things that I had not done in 2+years of my pf. So, yes, there is hope & if you have a running store that is helpful with foot problems as I just a month ago discovered at PSU - you may be fortunate enough to find some comfort as I did at this runner's store, Rapid Transit, right in Penn State. Good Luck! No, I am not painfree totally - but nearly & unbelievably more than I was 1 month ago (when I began the new combination of Brooks Ariels w/ a Sorbathane medium heel lift) that the running store recommended instead of my dr. prescribed orthotics - that I had been wearing for 2 years & hadn't improved enough to be a normal person! This new combination has helped me LOTS! I have begun to sho again at the mall like a 'normal woman!' I am riding horses again regularly - not as hard as I used to - but much more than the past 2 years! So, hopefully, this will be another helpful remedy for you as it certainly has given me a new outlook! Good luck!


Dr. Ben Pearl on 8/05/03 at 20:16 (126331)

I would try the ESWT. There is not much in the way of downside to the treatment. A change of running shoes is worth a shot as well