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Is this PF?

Posted by Tom D on 8/05/03 at 11:52 (126270)

I did a big hike on saturday up Long's Peak. 12 hours and 15 miles. I pretty consistantly do 15 mile hikes, but rarely 12 hours (all the rock scrambling). I wore my running shoes (Saucony Omni CRM) with superfeet inserts.

I have a strange pain in my foot. Mostly near the heel underder the foot now, but at first seemed to be the outer edge of the foot (opposite the arch). Hurts most barefoot. Only slightly with running shoes. Mostly hurts at toe-off.

Never had this before. It isn't too bad, but I keep reading that left untreated PF can get really bad. I streach my calves a lot, and that seems to help for a few minutes.

Any suggestions on how to treat this?


Tom D

Re: probably :(

CLCinNOLA on 8/05/03 at 12:19 (126272)

Tom, that sure sounds like PF. When I first got PF, I had pain along the outer edge of the foot like that. You will need to see a doctor or podiatrist to find out for sure if it's PF.

You are right, that if left untreated it can get really bad. People who treat their PF early get rid of it much sooner than those who let it go so that it become chronic (or so I have read on this board, anyway).

You should read the heel pain book on this website.

Here are some treatments that have helped me:

1) rest. Healing is promoted by resting as much as possible. This is hard because we still have to live and it's hard to live without walking. But you can at least rest when you can until you are well on the road to recovery.

2) Custom orthotics. You can go to a podiatrist and have these made by him or a C.Ped. However, this usually takes a few weeks.

3) Birkenstocks. Birkenstock shoes have a built in orthotic footbed that seems to help a lot of us. Get the Arizona model, which seems to work best.

4) Never stand or take a step without either your Birkenstocks or custom orthotics on your feet. Use shower shoes in the shower, and/or get a shower stool, to protect your feet.

5) Stretching. Try clicking on the word Yoga, which will take you to a description of Julie's stretches. Don't do more strenuous stretches, until you are on the road to recovery.

6) Icing. I use a bag of frozen peas that conforms to the shape of my foot.

There are two great treatments that I haven't tried; taping, and a night splint. The night splint is available in the products section of this website. Taping is shown with illustrations in the heel pain book.

I hope this helps! Keep checking in to the message board and ask questions as they come up.

Carole C