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heel spurs on achilles tendon

Posted by Linda K on 8/05/03 at 20:02 (126327)

Six years ago I broke my left ankle and was in a cast for 8 weeks. I have had trouble with that foot ever since. For a while, it was the top of the foot. Then I did have the plantasia (sp?) problem for a short time. I bought Birkenstocks and had NO foot pain for some time. I have stiffness in ankles and feet often when have been sitting any length of time. Thought that yoga might help. Took 2 sessions last winter and the heel spurs grew progressively worse. I have been to 2 different foot doctors. They seem to be bent on taping which has made absolutely, positively no difference any of the times this was done; one injected cortisone right into the spur (mine are on the backs of my heels, not under my foot)and the resulting pain was not much fun for weeks. He wanted to 'try' special inserts. Since I cannot wear a shoe with a back, I was a bad patient and said no way. Then the last doctor wanted to 'try' putting my foot into a cast. I fired him; told him that was how I got in this fix in the first place and I was tired of him 'practicing' on me. (I am usually a pretty good cooperative patient...I have just lost my patience with this process). I used to do aerobics every day and walk 3-4 miles a day. I have gained quite a bit of weight; much of the reason is that I cannot exercise unless I want to pay dearly for it. The heel spurs look like huge knots on the back of my heels. The foot that was in the cast is the worst, but the other became apparent after taking yoga. Had never had any trouble with it before that. I do find that some of the stretches where you elongate the achilles feel good temporarily, but they do not seem to do anything about the problem except for that time when I am stretching.
Any suggestions???