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Heel Spurs

Posted by jackie M on 8/06/03 at 08:03 (126364)

I have heard of a type of vinegar treatment for heel spurs, could you please elaborate on this if there is any truth on the subject?

Jackie Markwell

Re: Heel Spurs

Dermot on 8/06/03 at 10:25 (126383)

Jackie - I know nothing about that treatment but here is a geological ( or chemical perpective:
Vinegar is acetic acid.
Heel spur are made of calcium.
Acids react with calcium carbonate and dissolve.
I don't know how you would get it into the spur area though or how you could control it even if you did but it sounds interesting.

Re: Heel Spurs

LinaT on 8/06/03 at 10:47 (126386)

I have this annoying pain in my left foot. It is mostly on the left side of my left foot not too far from my ankle. I have pain when walking and when trying to rotate my foot around to the left. I don't know if this is a heel spur but it is very uncomfortable and makes it difficult to walk at times. I get a sharp pain that seems to shoot up toward my calf at times. I work as a waitress and am afraid that this form of work will harm whatever injury I have. I am also very active in the gym and do not want this condition to get worse. Could you tell me your thoughts on this before I go spend a fortune on xrays.
thank you for your time.