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Running and Orthotics Questions

Posted by Dermot on 8/06/03 at 09:56 (126375)

I am currently waiting for my orthotics and I also need a new pair of running shoes (probably waited too long and one of a few reasons I now have PF).
My question is should I get the running shoes that fit and then get the orthotics fit to those shoes - or should I wait and get the orthotics and then get the shoes?
My other question is that if I end up in New Balance - do I really need the orthotics?
If these shoes are better and partly designed to avoid PF am I just overcompensating by adding orthotics? If so I suspect it could be painful to run in.
Thanks for the help.
The weather has been great here and I am going through withdrawl : (

Re: Running and Orthotics Questions

Richard, C.Ped on 8/06/03 at 13:54 (126405)

Go ahead and get the new shoes and have the orthosis interfaced with the shoe when they are ready. You are not overcompensating with the orthotics. The orthosis helps by supporting the fascia which reduces the tugging at the insertion point.