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post-eswt- pain returning!!!!

Posted by rekha s on 8/06/03 at 12:11 (126396)

I had eswt treatment on march 27. I had ups and down's during recovery. In June I started feeling 85% better...really good...but during Mid-July and now...the pain has returned...I don't know what happened. First my arch was very painful...no heel pain..then my achilles tendon hurt...now this week my heel pain has started all over again......I am back to square one!! after spending $3000 in march...

My podiatrist thinks orthotics should help! he is saying it will cost $350....maybe I should try these????

In the past...the eswt treatments have taken the pain away after say 12-16 weeks..am I a candidate for a second treatment?

I understand there are now sonorex treatment centers in the SF bay area!!!!do sonorex treatments require anesthesia?

please anybody..help..I am very frustrated!!!!!!!!!

Re: post-eswt- pain returning!!!!

Steve G on 8/06/03 at 14:01 (126408)

Rekha - Since you are at the 16 week mark, you can take care of it for a few weeks and see if the pain doesn't diminish. You are, however, a good candidate for a second treatment, since you responded well to the first treatment. Many treatment centers will give you a steep reduction in cost for the second treatment, so you may want to look into it with the folks that gave you the first round.

I have had the Sonocur, and it does not require anesthesia, but ask about the cost of the second treatment before you look into the Sonocur

Re: post-eswt- pain returning!!!!

Peter R on 8/15/03 at 12:56 (127047)

You don't say what type of ESWT you received. Was it low or high energy and with what device? Also, you may have needed have orthotics prior to the ESWT treatment. Get the orthotics and start a conservative treatment routine without the injections for a few weeks and see how you feel.