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Monte's RFL

Posted by BrianJ on 8/06/03 at 13:27 (126403)

Does anyone have Monte's email address? I'd like to correspond with him about his RFL treatment. Thanks.

Re: Monte's RFL

monte on 8/06/03 at 16:46 (126416)


(email removed)

you can even call me if that helps too....write to me and I will give you my info and help you with ever I can


Re: Monte's RFL

Aly on 8/06/03 at 16:57 (126419)

Hi Monte,

I've been following your progress since the RFL - how are things going now? I hope you've continued to improve.

I've been wondering - if RFL just deadens the nerves to the pain, and leaves the condition in place - is that a bad thing from a medical standpoint? I mean, if you always have PF but can never feel it, is there a downside to that? I worry about 'covering up' an injury... I'm sleepy & having a hard time wording my question, so if that doesn't make sense, pls let me know! I-)

Re: Monte's RFL

monte on 8/06/03 at 17:04 (126423)

Hi...how are you feeling?

The RFL is not a miracle worker....let me say that first off...although it can be for some.

It does deaden the pain in tiny areas....they are so small so your heel doesn't actually feel numb. It is hard to explain the feeling....but it does help.

If you are going to heal from PF....this won't stop you. If you are not going to heal...this won't make it heal or make it worse.

Even after the treatment....you must always wear proper foot wear...not walk barefoot....use night splints and so on.

Dr Cozz takes diagnostic untra sounds at every follow up exam to monitor the inflammation in the feet. He knows if you still have it.

I still have it and my feet are still hurting alot.....the heels may feel better...but my case was never typical...it is in my arches too and they really hurt...burn and sting.

THe RFL is not really for the arch area.

But if you only have it in the heels...and can locate the pain...it is worth looking into

I am looking to go back to try to deaden some more spots that I did not catch before.


Re: Monte's RFL

Aly on 8/06/03 at 17:13 (126426)

Thanks for the info Monte. I have a better understanding now.

I'm glad to hear that overall you've improved, but disappointed that yet again we haven't located 'The Miracle' we're all looking for. As for me, my feet are complaining loudly right now, unfortunately; I'm having one of those flare-ups. Thanks for asking :) Good luck with your next treatment, I hope it offers more relief!

Re: Monte's RFL

monte on 8/06/03 at 17:16 (126428)

I think you are in NYC like me, right?

Write to me at my email address


Re: Monte's RFL

john h on 8/07/03 at 09:48 (126467)

Monte just keep on trying. Currently my feet are in one of their better stages. I have been taping this week and I think that has something to do with it. I get lazy about taping and have never taped on a consistent basis for more than a week or two. I still use a very simple taping method with only three strips of tape as if I get to elaborate I just do not stick with it. I could not tape when I had the broken toe but now it is most healed. I have also been in SAS with my orthotics as I think the office people were beging to think I had gone 60's on them with Birks on all the time. I always feel like singing Macho Macho Man when I have those sandals on. Did you all see the very last VW Bug was produced off the assembly line in Mexico last month. It was sent to Germany for the VW Museum. I wonder if anyone has ever tried a Lidoderm Patch for PF? This patch is a prescription patch that contains 5% Lidocaine (Dentist use it as a pain killer). Many people use these patches for shingles,back pain, etc. There are not many contrindications for use of this patch and if it would remain in place it might be worth a try Monty. Brian you are our resident drug king - have you tried this. I have a couple my daughter gave me an may give one a try. You can cut them to size and they are good for 12 hours. Since the fascia is not very deep under the skin there might be a possibility here. Brian I am not looking for press but my toe is much much better and I could probably stand up and cast a lure 30 yards with my Ambassador 5000C real and hit inside an inner tube.

Re: Monte's RFL

john h on 8/07/03 at 10:22 (126470)

Monte my pain has always been in the arch where the fascia attaches to the heel in a very defined area on both feet. Never in the heel

Re: Monte's RFL

Debra on 8/07/03 at 23:20 (126537)

Yes I use the patches and ultram . It helps a little but I have found nothing that will help this pain in my foot. I have had 2 surgeries too, anybody got any help out there.

Re: Monte's RFL

john h on 8/08/03 at 10:05 (126564)

Debra: Ultram just introduced Ultracet which is a combo of ultram and tylenol.

Re: Monte's RFL

Mar on 8/09/03 at 07:32 (126629)

I tried the lidoderm patches on my heels -- they provided minimal help and needed alot of taping to keep in place with sweaty feet! They felt nice when first applied but after walking the feet still hurt. Maybe in the arch area they might work better though. Ultracet made me nausious and spacey and did not relieve any pain. Mar

Re: Monte's RFL

john h on 8/09/03 at 19:29 (126663)

Mar I never did try the patch on my foot because like you said I do not think you could keep it in place. If you had night pain it might be worth a try but I only have pain when I am on my feet. Today I was on my feet about 9 hours working in the yard, Sams twice,etc and feet are no worse than a pain level of 1. Tomorrow could be a different story.but my plan is to climb a few trees to cut some limbs if the feet are up to it. I wonder if monkeys or chimps get PF???

Re: Monte's RFL

Mar on 8/10/03 at 08:53 (126672)

John -

9 hours on your feet????? Is this a normal day or a fluke? I have had a day here and there where I can be on my feet on and off for an hour or two with a pain level of 1 or 2(wearing sAndals or birks -- not orthotics!), but most days even a couple of minutes is too painful -- level 6-9. Deep massaging them every time I sit down helps a little lately. Mar

Re: Lidocaine, not the answer either

BrianG on 8/12/03 at 20:53 (126806)

Hey John, I'm back from a little break. Had to spend some time with my dog, as it's getting close to fall. Tomorrow, if the weather is good, he'll get to work with live birds for the first time. I'm pretty excited about it.

I tried the Lidocaine gel for quite awhile. I got the prescription stuff, but even that was not strong enough to get down to where the fascia hurts. I should look to fnd out if it comes in any stronger strengths. 5% is what I used. Worked great on tooth aches, did nothing for my heels, which are pretty bad these days. Might be all the hot, humid weather we're having??


Re: Lidocaine, not the answer either

john h on 8/13/03 at 13:57 (126848)

Brain: 5% lidocaine is the only one I have seen but there may be something stronger. It does help with back pain and was primarly designed for shingles.

Re: Lidocaine, not the answer either

Carolyn L on 8/16/03 at 19:04 (127150)

I recently heard about some shoes that help PF. They are called Z-CoiL's, you can find out about them at http://www.zcoil.com