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Birks - dressier choices....

Posted by Rachael T. on 8/06/03 at 15:36 (126412)

I have bought a couple of Birks that are a bit dressier than the Boston Clogs or Arizona Sandals - I purchased a pair of silver 'Margaret' sandals & a pair of red 'Bridget' sandals & 'Scarlet' black sandals - there are others too. Get a Birk catalog & see the different styles & the different footbeds that are offered.....I used to switch back & forth (& may again sometime) between the 'Harder' classic footbed & the softer Tatami footbeds - when my feet told me to do so & let me tell you, THEY DID TELL ME! (-:

Re: Birks - dressier choices....

Suzanne D on 8/06/03 at 17:17 (126430)

They ARE pretty, Rachael. I ordered the Margaret over a year ago but had to send them back. The 43 (their largest in the line) was just a little bit too short, and my toes hit that hard ridge at the end making it impossible to wear them. The same was true with the Alice. I tried those, but also had to send them back.

It seems odd to me as I can wear the closed toe Annapolis shoe, size 43. It is also sized with the description that you must go up one from your regular Birk size. You would think I could also wear the Tatami line if I could wear the Annapolis, but I can't.

I hope you enjoy your shoes, though! Maybe someday they'll make them in one size larger!

Suzanne :)

Re: Birks - dressier choices....

Nan D on 8/06/03 at 21:04 (126443)

Hi Rachel,
Where did you get a Birk catalog with all the styles?

Re: to request catalog...

Suzanne D on 8/07/03 at 14:46 (126499)

Here's the link to a page from which you can request a Birkenstock catalog:


Hope this helps.
Suzanne :)

Re: Birks Discounted at Sam's Wholesale

Nan D on 8/07/03 at 21:11 (126525)

A tip for all of you Birk's wearers:
I was at a Sam's in Houston Tx this week and they had the 2 strap & 3 strap Birks for $39.00!

Re: Birks Discounted at Sam's Wholesale

rose on 8/25/03 at 22:51 (128007)

Yes, they are that price all year here in San Diego. Plenty of styles and colors from which to choose also.

Re: Birks Discounted at Sam's Wholesale

BGCPed on 9/02/03 at 21:04 (128624)

I think it would be great if Birk just sold a card on the internet and called it Birkie Bucks. They could just put up vending machines in airports, stadiums, fast food drive thru etc.