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I stop walking--then it HURTS

Posted by Victoria on 8/07/03 at 12:49 (126488)

I get up in the morning and step out of bed, and it usually hurts on the bottoms of my feet. The pain seems to be more concentrated in the front-portion, across the 'bridge' of the foot rather than the rear near the heel.

If I do any kind of walking, and stop--it hurts to get up and going again. If I limit the amount of walking I do, and take frequent breaks, it is minimal. I've also noticed that when I kneel down, the fronts of my legs often feel numb, from ankle to knee. If I sit for more than fifteen minutes my feet start to tingle and feel numb also.

This started about nine months ago, and has become progressively worse. Before that, I experienced excruciating pain in both knees for about six months. Eventually it stopped, and about six months later I began experiencing very painful aches in both feet.

My work causes me to be at the computer for hours at a time. When I stand up, I must force myself to take those first few steps, often limping along. Once I'm up and going, it gets easier to move around.

I'm forty-two years old and overweight. My family attributes this to my weight--and while that's probably true in some part---I don't believe it is solely due to weight. I've managed to lose about twenty pounds so far, and have seen no noticeable improvements. I stopped smoking ten months ago.

I understand that any help will be in the form of advice only, and not diagnosis/treatment. Thanks in advance. ((Vicky))

Re: I stop walking--then it HURTS

Dr. Z on 8/07/03 at 18:05 (126519)


This sounds like classic plantar fasciitis. Read the heel pain book. Early treatment is so important. A trip to the podiatrist could save you years of pain and suffering.

Re: Thank You

Victoria on 8/07/03 at 23:41 (126539)

I read it all and it does seem to describe my symptoms closely. Initially I did not notice that it was possible to have pain in the upper portion of the foot, near the toes and NOT the heel. Aha. The description of the tightness of the calf, the pain that floats around the foot, and other examples absolutely ring some bells.

I also *just realized* that this all began when I changed shoes and threw out a pair of goofy 'earth' shoes where the heel was lower than the toe area. Eeek.

Thanks again. I sincerely do appreciate the advice. ((hug))

Re: Thank You

lara on 8/09/03 at 22:46 (126667)

Hmmmm. Not sure if I should add this as you seem pretty comfortable with yoru understanding. I have TTS (confirmed by NCV test). Before we had it managed and under control I would describe the pain as it hurt the first several steps I took, and burning when I stopped - but little discomforfort when I was actually walking. I think this is similar to what you described (and I was diagnosed as PF for about 3 years before someone sent me for an NCV test.

Re: Thank You

Victoria on 8/14/03 at 02:10 (126914)

The pain I experience is just out of bed, and then during walking--usually after I've been on my feet about an hour or so. It is not really a burning sensation, as much as just pain. I've described it as a feeling that someone has beat the soles of my feet with a rubber mallet repeatedly.

If I take frequent breaks and 'rest' my feet, I can usually get back on them without much pain after the first few steps. If I don't stop to rest them every so often, and walk around for about an hour or so, they start to hurt---and once I sit down to rest them, the pain is excruciating to get back on them.

This was a constant fact, but in recent days I've begun to notice that it comes and goes now, and is worse on one foot. Some days if I pamper the feet, I can go about my business fairly normally. Other days, this isn't true-and so far I can't figure out what I am doing differently. (nothing I know of) It's as if a switch is being flipped---on/off, off/on, pain/nopain. So odd.

Has there been much discussion about how others react or respond to these issues? My husband has been an ass lately, to tell the truth. He's nagged at me about 'pretending' to be in pain, called me a wimp-baby, and accused me of fabricating these symptoms because I've grown 'lazy' and just don't want to do things anymore. Needless to say, his juvenile behavior and lack of compassion does not help me, and I have become very depressed lately because this ailment affects so many aspects of my life already. I have always been really active. Now, I am not.

My doctor sent me to a specialist on Monday who did a few different tests with little shock-thingys and then needles poked into my legs and ankles. I will know more by Friday based on those tests. I think they are the tests that I've seen mentioned on these boards.

Thanks for listening, I am really down right now, and at wit's end.