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RSD advise

Posted by Terry Z on 8/07/03 at 14:13 (126494)

I was diagnosed with RSD about two years ago but I did fairly well until I developed TTS and had surgery in January. The months before surgery were horrible so the surgery did take care of the entrapment. In fact I did pretty well up to three months ago. My last EMG done by a physiatrist was consistent with history of tarsal tunnel (negative) so my surgeon said three weeks ago he has nothing further to offer me. Two weeks ago my PM doctor told me there isn't much else he can do because the three popliteal blocks didn't give me a lot of relief. So now what, am I suppose to just give up and like my PM said, hope it doesn't spread. Should I go to a different type of doctor or what? I was on Nifedipine for two months and came off in April I started having problems again in May. I'm taking 1800 mg Neurontin, 25 Amitriptylene, Linocaine patches and Vicodin when needed but I try not take that often. I just think someone has an answer for me out there somewhere. ANY ADVISE will be appreciated.

Re: RSD advise

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/08/03 at 18:15 (126603)

Lumbar sympathetic blocks, generally performed by an anesthesiologist, are the 'gold standard' for RSD treatment. Consider seeing an anesthesiologist assocaited with a pain clinic or a multispecialty pain clinic.

Re: RSD advise

Terry Z on 8/11/03 at 09:59 (126719)

Actually I'm going to a pain clinic with an anesthesiologist. The only blocks I had were three poplteal and because I didn't get much relief they told me there wasn't much more they could do, does this sound right to you?I'm afraid if I don't do something more this stuff is going to spread I do get tightness in my other ankle already.

Re: RSD advise

dr ben pearl on 8/19/03 at 04:21 (127278)

try a physiatrist that deals with rsd

Re: RSD advise

Susie on 8/29/03 at 08:05 (128343)

I too lived with RSD for over 2 years, the sympathetic blocks do help but it wasnt until I had a course of 4 over 10 days that it took care of it. I also did some desentiziation with my PT along with a TENS unit that I saw the biggest difference. Am now off all meds . I truly believe the blocks and the fact that I could start excersising my leg and foot were the key.
Find a good pain management Doctor. No pain for 6 months now. Let me know if I can help.
Good luck