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Bunionette or Tailors Bunnion ... any one had surgery for this?

Posted by Joy B on 8/07/03 at 14:37 (126498)

I have a problem with my left foot that the doctor says is a bunionette. I had surgery on this same foot 8 months ago to have a tendon released to relieve pain from a heal spur. This helped after months of painful recovery and now that this feels better, I'm back to square one with the outside of my foot hurting and now wearing shoes as big as I can stand. I am considering surgery for this now, as I must use this foot a lot when I work and it has become too painful to use it except for what I must do.

Re: Bunionette or Tailors Bunnion ... any one had surgery for this?

Audrey on 8/14/03 at 10:53 (126930)

I had surgery to correct a bunionette in March. My job requires standing for 10 or more hours a day on concrete floors, so at the end of the day, the pain had become so unbearable that surgery became my best option to eliminate the pain. My doctor(a podiatrist) put two small screws in my toe to hold it in place. I now have no pain and if given the same choice I would definitely have it done again...the only bad part was the amount of recovery time spent walking non-weight bearing on crutches(5 week)!!

Re: Bunionette or Tailors Bunnion ... any one had surgery for this?

jan b on 9/02/03 at 18:23 (128603)

I've had surgery on both feet for bunionette and tailors bunion. My right foot is fine but I've had alot of trouble with my left foot. I now have a mortons nuroma. I've been having injections for pain for the past year or so, Now I'm looking to have surgery again to take care of the nuroma. When I had the 2nd surgery done the Dr cut the metatarsal too short. I've done everything possible to avoid surgery. I know when your feet hurt your whole body hurts. Good luck with your feet problems.


Re: Bunionette or Tailors Bunnion ... any one had surgery for this?

Joy B on 9/03/03 at 09:52 (128677)

Jan, thanks for sharing. I have not logged on to the message board in a while, but was glad to hear from someone who has also experienced similar foot problems. I am heavy and have wondered if this contributes 'largely' to my problems. I am sure it doesn't help, but also know that some of it I come by rightly by inheritance. My Mom has a lot of foot problems and has had surgery more than once. I am lucky at this point... I got a cortizone shot about three weeks ago and am feeling much better. I continue to wear shoes that are approx a size and a half too big and expensive inserts. But, I don't have to limp and ice it regularly now and the pain is gone, thank goodness. I am not familiar with the other problem you spoke of in your message. Could you share more info? Joy B

Re: Bunionette or Tailors Bunnion ... any one had surgery for this?

jan b on 9/04/03 at 18:14 (128783)

Hi Joy,
I do have alot of pain in the foot I have a neuroma in. It's like a tumor between your 3rd & 4th toe. When you walk in your bare feet it feels like you're walking on pebbles.( So I can't go without shoes at all) Also I have shooting pains go out through my toes, Very painful!!! I've had several cortizone shots. Now the Dr is doing a series of 5 shots, I get a shot every 2 weeks. I'll be getting my 3rd one the 15th of this month. If these shots don't take away the pain, I'm looking to have surgery again. I've been putting that off for the past year or so. I do believe it runs in the family. My sister has had several operations on her feet. They are so bad she can hardly walk, She's a little overweight too, But it's hard to get any exercise when your in pain. When your feet hurt, your legs hurt so does your back so it's really hard to exercise or even walk.
I feel for anyone that has problems with their feet.It's awful.
Hope you get feeling better soon, Good chating with you, If anyone has had a Mortan's Neuroma removed please let me know if it is worth the operation or not.