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My husband tried to kill me.......

Posted by marie on 8/07/03 at 17:02 (126515)

Ok we just got back from our maiden fishing trip in the new boat. First we couldn't get out soon enough to do any fishing because my hubby had too much work to do. So we decided to just take the boat out and practice getting it in and out of the water and figure out the fish/depth finder.

My oldest son went with us. Well if you know my hubby he's a bit of a ditz. The plan was for me to be in the boat when we stuck it in the water so I wouldn't have to jump in after it was off the trailer. We no sooner got everyone in the boat and my hubby goes uhhhhhhh--oh! He forgot to put in the plug. We were taking on water fast. So he stuck in the plug and shrugged it off. I kept bailing but there was still the same if not more water...he and my son are all 'oh look at the pretty swans'...and I am saying helllloooo we are sinking go back now. We barely made it back and the whole bottom of the boat was filled we got all the water out and put the boat back in.....smooth sailing after that.

So much for a relaxing fishing trip. Maybe next trip will be better.

Re: My husband tried to kill me.......

Des L. on 8/08/03 at 00:11 (126540)

Hi Marie,

I've not talked with you yet, but I just had to respond. Thia was so funny! I loved your subject title, and I could just picture everything just as you described it. It was a great story and I'm glad you put it on the board. I really needed a good laugh! And glad you're still alive to tell it!

I'm still laughing!!

Des L.

Re: My husband tried to kill me.......

Necee on 8/08/03 at 00:59 (126543)

I had the same thing happen to me!

We had just gotten our boat and were anxious to get it on the lake, I can back a trailer, so my hubby got in the boat and I backed the trailer down the boat ramp. After launching the boat I parked the truck, and by the time I got to the waters edge where he was waiting to pick me up, water was coming inside the back of the boat. Immediately we realized we forgot to put the plug in, thank goodness our boat has a bildge pump so we just turned it on. Every now and then we chuckle when we think about our first fishing trip.

Have you ever been speeding across open water and suddenly run upon a sand bar? Well.....that happened to us several years ago, and I must say it was kinda scary. The sun was in our eyes and we couldn't see it until we were on top of it, thank goodness the motor kicked up and stopped running. We were stuck on top of that sand bar out in the middle of this fishing lake for quite some time before another boat came along and pulled us off of our perch.

Happy trails....


Re: My husband tried to kill me.......

marie on 8/08/03 at 09:53 (126559)

Hi Des,

I should add one last thing. Because we had just decided to make a quick trip yesterday I didn't really put alot in the boat accept three small size bottles of water. The one bucket we had was to big to fit in the hole under the floor of the boat were all the water was. So I emptied a water bottle and was bailing the water with a little water bottle like crazy while my son and hubby were busy looking at pretty birds. We had a pretty good laugh about it last night. We'll just add this event to the long list of family misadventures we have had through the years.

Re: My husband tried to kill me.......

Des L. on 8/10/03 at 20:51 (126706)

Hi again Marie,

Ha Ha Ha!!! I saw your second post and couldn't wait to read it.
I had another great laugh at you and your family's boating experience! The way you tell it is so comical to me. Left laughing again.