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TTS or PF, pain is getting worse

Posted by AnnMarie on 8/08/03 at 02:03 (126545)

Back in Feb I was walking in the mall and all of a sudden I could hardly walk because of a sharp pain on the heel of my left foot. Since then, I have been seeing a POD and have had tapings, ultrasound, orthotics and injections. The initial diagnosis was a torn ligament on the bottom of my foot. Once that settled down, I had pain in the TT area. An MRI showed edema in the TT area, but the pain that is the worse in on the heels of both of my feet. Physical therapy and iontophoresis has not helped at all. I stretch, swim, ice, contrast bath and nothing seems to take the pain away. I've given up on my orthotics because they are 3/4 length and they hit right in the middle of my arch and it hurts to walk! I am waiting for another pair that is full length and built up to help TTS.
Should I ask to get another MRI of the bottoms of the feet? Would that rule out or in PF. I need to get relief soon, it is keeping me up at night.
Any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Re: TTS or PF, pain is getting worse

Sharon W on 8/08/03 at 10:23 (126569)

I'm not a doc, just another patient with TTS.

I think another MRI is a good idea -- either that or a diagnositic ultrasound. Done on top-notch equipment, it should hopefully help to show any areas of scar tissue that might be causing nerve entrapment -- and it should help to show how well the previous damage to that ligament has healed. I imagine that should give your doctors a better idea of what they are dealing with, so they can do more to help you. It is obvious that you need to get this figured out and effectively treated.