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breaking in orthotics

Posted by Buck T. on 8/08/03 at 15:46 (126592)

What's the best method for breaking in orthotics. Mine are hard plastic kind that I wore and then took out. Dr. wants me to try them again.

Re: breaking in orthotics

Dr. David S. Wander on 8/08/03 at 16:17 (126595)

It depends on the patient, the type of orthoses and the doctor's preference. Most doctors and manufacturers suggest that patients wear the orthoses one hour the first day, two hours the second day, etc. I usually have the patient wear the orthoses to tolerance. If the orthoses feel good I tell them to keep them in, if the orthoses hurt I recommend they be removed and placed back in the shoes a little later. I also inform patients that there is often some discomfort below the arch and there may be some temporary knee, hip or back pain due to the muscles functioning a little differently. I also tell patients that although orthoses may be uncomfortable or feel strange, they should not hurt. If they hurt an adjustment is probably needed.

Re: breaking in orthotics

Mar on 8/09/03 at 07:25 (126627)

Dr W --

How does one know if the orthotics are a proper fit? I have had various orthotics that escalated the pain rather immediately, so I know that they were not right. But the orthotics that i have been wearing for a year and a half and don;t cause any immediate or obvious pain but also do not help to correct things and take away any pain -- could they be preventing my feet from getting better because they are not fitted properly? I have recently switched to birks because at least I can slide them off when i sit and get the pressure off the heels and ball of foot. So I guess I want to know is how can I or my pod know if the orthotics are preventing healing?? Any thoughts?? Mar

Re: breaking in orthotics

Dr. David S. Wander on 8/10/03 at 12:26 (126680)

Unless an orthoses fits very poorly, it is rare that it would prevent healing. Your doctor should be able to evaluate whether the orthoses fit properly. If they do fit properly and you still have discomfort, the materials may be too soft, too firm, etc. Despite the correct fit, correct materials, some patients simply can not tolerate orthoses and other measures to support the plantar fascia and decrease pronation must be considered, such as the Fabrifoam Pronation Spring Control, which basically supports the fascia similar to taping. Hope this info helps.

Re: breaking in orthotics

Mar on 8/10/03 at 16:47 (126695)

Thanks -- I see my pod this week to pick up (again) another pair of orthotics that we have been trying to get right since October!! Needless to say I am not very hopeful, but who knows! Taping was one of the most painful things I tried, so the Fabrifoam thing doesn;t sound too hopeful. Thanks for your info though -- Mar

Re: breaking in orthotics

Dr. David S. Wander on 8/11/03 at 14:17 (126732)

Maybe one of these days you'll finally make an appointment at my office in Philadelphia and I'LL figure it out!

Re: breaking in orthotics

Mar on 8/11/03 at 20:44 (126753)

Hmmm - you never know!! Let me warn you now -- you'll be sorry! I've frustrated most of the docs I've been to and I KNOW they are so glad when i finally fade away! Mar

Re: breaking in orthotics

Dr. Z on 8/11/03 at 20:45 (126754)

I think that you should see Dr. W. That just my opinion !!!

Re: breaking in orthotics

Mar on 8/11/03 at 20:52 (126755)

Dr Z --

Because I frustrated you too? And you want him to be as frustrated?? ;-) Mar

Re: breaking in orthotics

Dr. Z on 8/12/03 at 03:53 (126760)

No. Its the only idea I can come up with

Re: breaking in orthotics

BGCPed on 8/13/03 at 18:57 (126877)

This may sound dumb but......what instructions either verbal or oral did your Dr give you when you were fit with the orthotic

Re: breaking in orthotics

Buck T. on 8/15/03 at 21:29 (127085)

I'm the one asking the dumb questions. My POD gave no instructions for wearing orthotics -- two pairs. Later, the physical therapist studied my gait and said both pairs were wrong. She advised me not to wear them. She advised that arches in orthotics were too high. Now, after experimentation, found over the counter ones that work some. Wish I could find someone such as yourself that could help. I live in small town between Austin and San Antonio in Texas. Got any ideas?

Re: breaking in orthotics

Buck T. on 8/15/03 at 21:36 (127087)

The two messages above were meant for Richard, C. Ped. Computer skills not the best. Sorry to take up valuable space with mistakes. Was trying to answer his question in earlier post if my doctor gave me instructions for weating orthotics.

Re: breaking in orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 8/18/03 at 08:09 (127205)

Hi Buck...
The only dumb question here is the one not asked :)

Use this link and look for the link that reads 'Find a C.Ped in your area'.


I do not know anyone in Texas...but I am sure there are C.Peds around. If you talk to them and still have questions about what they told you...please feel free to contact us here and we will help you as much as we can.