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Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by Eric J on 8/08/03 at 17:50 (126599)

I was wondering what the chances are of complete relief of someone who has had plantar fasciitis for 10 years. The doctors that I have been seeing have mistaken the problem for high arches. I have eight pairs of orthotics and very sore feet do you have any suggestions. I have been seeing a chiropracter and he has been scraping my tendon to remove the scar tissue, and using ultra sound. Since then the pain has intensified, is there a safer less painfull way?
Thank you for your time and service

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

Phil on 8/08/03 at 18:22 (126605)


You may check with your dentist for advice and treatment next as he must know as much about your condition as your chiropractor.

See a doctor who specializes in foot problems, silly!


Re: Plantar Fasciitis

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/08/03 at 18:35 (126607)


What treatments have you done over the ten years? What type of orthotics have you had?

High arches refers to a foot shape, not a foot problem so one cannot mistake such a thing for plantar fasciitis. Perhaps you can provide us with more information on this.

Take the time to read Scott's heel Pain Book on this site so that you understand the full scope of treatment for plantar fasciitis.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

EricJ on 8/09/03 at 06:32 (126626)

I first say a foot specialist during High school, he Sent me to get X-rays and then told me that the cause of pain was my arches are 70 percent higher than they should be and the sports I was involved in were not helping. The Doctor made me a pair of hard plastic orthotics and sent me on my way. There was no improvement so a year later I went back to him and he made me a soft orthotic that was hard plastic covered with foam. I moved to Oregon and say a specalist there and she said the same thing and made me two more pairs of orthotics at diferent points in time. I moved back to Utah and say a foot specialist in Salt Lake He had me get a MRI and then made me a couple pairs of orthotics. I ran into a Chiropractor and after talking for 5 minutes he said that the doctors had diagnosed it wrong and I had Plantar Fascitis, since then I have been going twice a week for Ultrasound, and painful scrapping of my tendon, and told to ice and stretch it and yes I will be recieving another pair of orthotics. I hope that is the information you were looking for

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/09/03 at 18:38 (126657)

Your story is unusual. Having a high arch, by itself, does not equate with having pain. A hard plastic orthotic is often not the right one for someone with a high arch.

Again, take the time to read Scott's Heel Pain Book and compare your symptoms to see if it sounds like PF to you. Most importantly, consider the full range of treatment for PF as described by the book.

I hope that you are not dissapointed by getting yet another pair of orthotics. Ask the following questions to the individual who will provide the devices:
1) How much training did you have in the fabrication of orthotics?
2) Exactly how will the devices help my condition?
3) How is my midtarsal joint function affecting the condition and how will the devices affect it's function.
If you the orthotic provider hesitates before answering question #3, consider holding off on getting the devices.

I beleive that you would benefit from a more thorough exam than what you have recieved to date. One source of practitioners is found at http://www.acfas.org

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

lara on 8/10/03 at 09:13 (126673)

Eric - My podiatrist (the one who recognized TTS after completion of the history, following 4 doctors and 3 years of misdiagnosis) says that anyone who still has 'PF' (i.e. symptoms) after a year of treatment probably has TTS. Don't know how accurate that is, or what constitutes appropriate 'treatment', but might want to check out TTS.