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Breaking in Birkenstocks?

Posted by francesc on 8/09/03 at 15:09 (126647)


I just bought a pair of Arizonas and I wore them all of Thursday afternoon at home and Friday at home. I started feeling a little bit of heel pain/soreness Fri night. Did I overdo the Birks or did i just overdo it period? I cleaned the house Friday morning with my Birks on and by Fri night, I could feel that soreness in my heel creeping back in.

I just had a cortisone shot last week and had been taking lots of advil. I started lessening the advil. So I'm wondering if it's just the Birkenstocks or perhaps I overdid it.

Did anyone else's heel feel a little sore from the Birks? Note that I do not have the softbed type.


Re: Breaking in Birkenstocks?

Carole C in NOLA on 8/09/03 at 16:48 (126649)

Yes, you overdid it in a major way if you are not following a regular break in schedule with your Birkenstocks.

Do not wear your Birkenstocks 'at will' until they are broken in.

Start with an 1-2 hours a day, and add 1/2 to 1 hour each day until they are broken in. You will know when they are broken in, because they will suddenly feel much softer and kind of marshmallow'y. It takes about 5 days for mine to become broken in, but that varies. Wear them sitting down at first, and don't walk a long way or stand in them a long time at first.

Hope this helps.

Carole C

Re: Breaking in Birkenstocks?

francesc on 8/11/03 at 16:26 (126738)

Hi Carole C,

Thanks for your reply. The salesperson told me to wear them around the house until they are broken in but, he didn't give me a schedule of how long or how often. I laid off of them Saturday and part of yesterday and I feel better.

Frances C

Re: Breaking in Birkenstocks?

Carole C in NOLA on 8/11/03 at 19:55 (126750)


Good! I'm glad that you are feeling better. :)

Carole C