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heel pain

Posted by Candace H. on 8/10/03 at 07:43 (126670)

I am 4 weeks post ESWT--left foot. The first week I was using narcotics and muscle relaxers for pain relief.I was not using them for week 2 & 3 post ESWT. I was at a pain level then that I could stand without taking meds. At week 4 now I am taking narcotics and muscle relaxers again because the pain is intensifying. I limp, but not all the time. Is this normal??????????

Re: heel pain

Peter R on 8/10/03 at 08:47 (126671)

Were you treated with the low Sonocur or the high energy Dornier or Ossatron? Also 4 weeks is probably too early to make a determination as to the success or failure of the treatment.

Re: heel pain

Dr. Z on 8/10/03 at 10:21 (126676)

Were you taking this combination before the ESWT treatments and for how long

Re: heel pain

Candace H. on 8/10/03 at 10:39 (126677)

I had the high energy Dornier 4 weeks ago. I just wanted to know if I should still be having so much heel pain yet that it requires pain meds and muscle relaxers.

Re: heel pain

Dr. Z on 8/10/03 at 12:38 (126682)

There is usually a reduction in pain from ESWT. Did you have to take pain medications and musclue relaxers before the treatment or is this new. What does you treating doctor tell you?

Re: heel pain

Candace H. on 8/16/03 at 08:47 (127112)

I was taking Vioxx 25-50 mg QD prior to the ESWT. I am now back on Vioxx 25 QD and I use pain meds and musle relaxers post ESWT as needed which is new. Prior to the ESWT I was casted twice and when not in a case I wore a cam boot. I really expected by now not to have any heel pain. Each day it gradually getting to a level of debilitation. I don't see my primary doctor until 092503.

Re: heel pain

Peter R on 8/16/03 at 09:41 (127118)

What you are experiencing is not an unknown reults of ESWT. You may go out several more weeks before you start to feel any beneficial results. In the mean time continue with all the conventional therapy your doctor recomends.

Re: Success/Failure of ESWT for Ach. Tendonitis & Swelling

Marshall G on 8/23/03 at 13:17 (127757)

I've had chronic achilles tendonitis and swelling from playing basketball [I'm 42 and until this past January used to play 3 times a week]. My usual pattern is after moving around/sitting a bit in the morning the swelling goes down a bit. Sometimes it goes down so much it hardly looks swollen at all. And sometimes there's no pain at all to the touch, but more often it's a 1 [on the 1-10 scale] or less. For a while, I'd do an ice on the swollen part and use a heating pad on the rest of my foot while I meditated in the morning [for an hour] and that seemed to help, but the swelling seems to go down [if not quite as much] even when I don't do that.
Then, regardless of whether I've done any activity or not that day, by late afternoon the swelling starts up again. And then sleeping makes it worse. The night splint seems to help with morning stiffness, but not the swelling [or if so only subtley].
I'd ignored my heel pain for a long time before resting/avoiding basketball. I don't really have a problem, except that I want to play basketball again? At this level of subtly [compared to say others who complain about being able to walk--pain like that would only come when I was playing regularly] can ESWT help? Have others had good success or failure with similar situations? And, is the clinic in Toronto recommended? How about the one in Montreal? I live in Vermont and only have catastrophic insurance, so it needs to come out of pocket.
Help/advice is much appreciated!

Re: Success/Failure of ESWT for Ach. Tendonitis & Swelling

David L on 8/24/03 at 16:35 (127848)

ESWT for Achilles' tendinitis is extremely successful. FYI....the Sonorex clinic in Montreal is no longer operating....so Toronto would be your best bet. Price for all 3 treatments is CA$895. See http://www.sonorex.com and click on the Canadian side of the website for all the details

Re: Success/Failure of ESWT for Ach. Tendonitis & Swelling

Dr. Z on 8/24/03 at 16:51 (127851)

David L

I too have found it too be very sucessful. How many cases has your clinic done. Do you have any long term studies. We use low energy for non-insertional and high energy for insertional. A have a group of achilles tendonitis ( insertional) from 1999.

Re: Success/Failure of ESWT for Ach. Tendonitis & Swelling

Marshall G on 8/24/03 at 17:07 (127853)

Thanks for your response. So it sounds like I can expect a FULL recovery. I went to the Sonorex site and the Montreal site is still listed. Also, I thought I'd seen something [on the Toronto site] about the price being $1050 US [obviously I much prefer the price you quoted, given I'm not insured for this]. I called and left a message at both places, so I guess I'll find out more.
thanks again,

Re: Success/Failure of ESWT for Ach. Tendonitis & Swelling

David L on 8/25/03 at 11:06 (127907)

Marshall....there are two clinics offering Sonocur in Toronto, which use the same protocol. I guess one charges less than the other.

Re: Success/Failure of ESWT for Ach. Tendonitis & Swelling

Marshall G on 8/25/03 at 12:53 (127914)

Thanks David. I've actually found out about a clinic in Montreal [Action Sports Physio--one office is still doing the procedure] which is very reasonable. [$150 Canadian per treatment]. They use a different machine from Sonorex, but claim similar results with the same basic technology.
-Have you heard good things about them?
-What is your affliation/title/job?
thanks again for your help!