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Just for Feet getting really bad?

Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 8/10/03 at 10:11 (126675)

I was so disappointed yesterday when I went to Just for Feet. I hadn't been there in about a year, I guess. When I was there before, they had a whole display of New Balance shoes, and a section with womens' running shoes.

This time, they didn't have nearly as many shoes, and zero selection of New Balance running shoes for women. They had no displays, nothing out 'in the middle' and only a few shoes over in the corner along the wall.

Granted, they were having a sale (second pair half price), but gee!!! You've got to have SOME shoes for people to keep coming to the store. Is this just the wrong time of year? I think they need a new buyer because school starts in a week and a half, and the buyer should have filled the store with MORE shoes, not less, during this high demand season. Beats me how they can even make money if they don't have anything to sell. It was bad enough when they DID have shoes to sell, and sales people that were very young and ignorant about shoes.

And retailers around here wonder why people order things online instead of buying them at stores! Even if the shoes cost a little more in person, I was in a mood to support the local abysmal failing economy. If the shoes cost a few dollars more, I consider that to be partially a set tip to the salesman who helped me, as well as paying for the advantage of getting the shoes immediately and knowing that they are what I want. I know they're cheaper online, but cheap isn't always the only criterion (especially for those of us with problem feet). If stores don't give the purchaser any option to buy the shoes in person, then they have no complaint!!!

Sorry, I just wanted to vent. I guess this gives me a reason to check out the brand new Academy in the next suburb that I've not been to yet. I'd like to see and compare the 1220, 1122, and 855. But if I can't, at least I know that I like 991's and I know the size that fits me (since I already own a pair that's worn out).

If I have the same experience at Academy as I had at Just For Feet, I tentatively plan to buy another pair of NB 991's from New Balance Tampa for $109.99 + $0 for shipping. http://www.newbalancetampa.com/ Are they the cheapest when shipping is included?

Carole C

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

Terry D. on 8/12/03 at 19:38 (126799)

For nearly 20yrs. I've run in nothing but New Balance progressing up the ladder of obsolesence as they retired my shoe. I got up to the 991's and liked them but I got tts from a torn tendon or legimate and developed a cyst in the tarsal tunnel area. I don't believe it was from the shoe. Anyway I had the surgery and have gone to the 2000gr(New Balance) I can honestly say it is better then the 991 for support , comfort, and stability. Like, you I bought the first one on line from new balance web express for 127$ , and free shipping, But they are now clearance shoes and web express doesn't have my size any more. The cheapest I could fine on line was $149. So I went on ebay. I have just bought a 'brand new' pair for $94 and have a bid of $50 for a pair that people tried on at a recent marathon. Just type new balance 2000 in ebays search and eventually I think you'll find a new pair at a terrifically discounted price.

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

Carole C in NOLA on 8/12/03 at 19:53 (126804)

That's a good idea. Thanks, Terry. :)

Carole C

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

BGCPed on 8/13/03 at 07:15 (126821)

I hear you. I think it is a double edge problem. People want things cheap but want service and many stores dont want to pay skilled people because they feel you have to charge suggested retail or you cant make money. Then you have companies undercutting their long time dealers buy selling online at a discount. They become competition against their own dealer network.

I have had to pt in last week return a shoe after we measured them, made orthotics nad educated them on what models would work best. One actually called our office to ask our opinion on what models would be comparable that were available online. The pt then returned the one we sold them.

I know I have complained about this before but it is becoming more common. Many times I will give 10% off of shoe if they get an orthotic. 90% of my pt are wearing the wrong size and have not had foot measured in so long they cant remember. The problem is we have dumbed down the shoe industry much like many other things. People want cheap and they want service and many retailers want to make money but dont want to do anything more than hire mouth breathers for $7 an hour and throw a bunch of product on the wall.

It seems like both the customer and the retailers are getting in on it and both are the cause. In a way they are feeding off each others expectations. I sont sell many birks anymore from all the websites, home shopping, sams club and even birks own online stores. I dont blame anybody for getting a deal and you cant support a retailer that doesnt want to provide any more service than a vending machine would

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

Carole C in NOLA on 8/13/03 at 20:41 (126893)

In my case I am buying fewer pairs of shoes because I would like to patronize a 'real store' and buy my shoes there, but can't.

For example, I live in the New Orleans area and I do not know of anywhere within an hour or two drive where I could try on a New Balance 991, 1122, and 1220 in a 9.5B, even if I was willing to drag out the boxes and fit myself with no help. That's pretty pitiful. And, silly me, I'd really like expert help too, but I think that I must be living in the past.

My business isn't going to the internet. It's going out the window, or at least most of it is.

Carole C

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

BGCPed on 8/13/03 at 21:08 (126898)

I know what you mean Carole. If some people would open a store with many sizes and just a few people that would work hard and learn how to fit that would be great. There is a course that travels around the country called 'if the shoe fits' they give an all day course. The models you are looking at are mostly running shoes. I would ask a few local schools or track coaches what store they use. You could also call New Bal and ask for the reps number for your area. They can usually tell you what store is the best service wise. I would also not get locked in on a b width for sure. With an orthotic the next width up Dwidth may actually be more comfortable. If you have an corns or callous on any of the mtp joints or toes you may want to try a D.

good luck, I am confident that many people will come around and pay for good service. I also think many of the internet crazed no service discount sites will fold. There will always be people that dont have any shame and want to steal time from a small business person. What they dont get is that they will spend an hour getting educated under the guise of buying then they will spend 3 hours on the web trying to get best deal. They may save $20 to $30 after all is done but they dont realize they spent a lot of their own time...time that is money

off the soapbox

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

CLCinNOLA on 8/14/03 at 08:06 (126921)

BGCPed, you misunderstand. I don't think it's a matter of not knowing where to go. The problem is that stores in my area just don't carry a full line of shoes any more. It's easier for them to blame their shrinking sales on the internet than to bite the bullet and make an effort to increase sales among those of us who would be glad to buy in person.

The stores that runners patronize around here do have good personnel, but don't carry anywhere near all the models of NB running shoes any more. You buy one of the 3-4 NB models that they have, or they'll be glad to try you in the limited selection of Asics or Brooks or whatever they have and give you a sales pitch for that one, or if you insist on trying on something as 'rare' as NB 1122, then you have to put some money down and have them order the shoes. Great service is useless if they don't have the shoes. If this phenomenon hasn't hit your area yet, just thank your lucky stars and run out and try on the shoes that interest you, quickly! That is, unless you like spending your time and money returning shoes ordered off the internet that don't meet your expectations.

I'm looking at a B width because I currently wear 991's in a 9.5B and that size is comfortable for me. However they are old and beat up looking by now, and the sole is splitting and pieces of rubber are peeling off like a retread tire breaking down on the freeway; I feel like I got all the wear one can expect from them and I need new ones. This is a shoe and size that I could order off the internet without making a mistake (though it would be nice to try on some other shoes to see if I like them even better). Probably you are right that a 9.5B might not be the right size in another model or if I was wearing my orthotics.

I'm just too old for this Brave New World. I remember my grandmother saying back in the 1950's, 'If God had meant man to fly, we would have been born with wings'. That seemed so old fashioned to me at the time. I feel just as old and crochety: 'If God had meant man to order all shoes off the internet, we would all have identical feet'.

Carole C

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/15/03 at 16:39 (127062)

Smart people shop for value as opposed to price. Many industries are in the same boat. I worked my way through school selling cameras and electronics. Some jerks would come in to the store to learn all the features of the products, then go to a discount store to make the purchase. It is the old morality /ethics question... 'If everyone acted in the same fashion, what would be the outcome?' Obviously, there would be no one left to give advice.

The insurance/managed care robber barons figured out that the cheapest way to provide a modest level of care to the masses. Unfortunately, if all citizens were involved in such programs there would be hardly any one left practicing with good expertise and all PF would be treated with cortisone shots and Goodfeet orthotics.

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

BGCPed on 8/18/03 at 11:26 (127220)

Indeed Dr Ed,,,,,,good point as always

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

rose on 8/22/03 at 13:39 (127676)

I live in San Diego and found only 3 stores that were within a reasonable driving distance that had the new New Balance 1122 running shoes with the rollbar. It was recommended on this site that those were one of the best and I did go to our local Just For Feet store and they had a good selection of shoes as well as these newest ones in all sizes. I have always found that there are mostly 'kids' working in these stores. I do research first and know what I want and then go to purchase the shoes. I have had the NB 608 shoes for several years and they are great, but these are much better. I purchased my 608 shoes on sale at Sears.

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

Carole C in NOLA on 8/22/03 at 18:56 (127723)

I'm glad to hear that your Just For Feet isn't going downhill like ours is! Maybe ours will get a little better as Christmas approaches.

Even last year, when our Just For Feet was somewhat better, they only had 1122's (or their predecessor?) in stock for men, and none regularly in stock for women. I complained to the manager and told him that if he ordered them, they'd sell, but I don't think they ever ordered any.

It's amazing that even in a large city like San Diego you were only able to find three stores that carry the 1122. San Diego is really huge compared to New Orleans. I used to live in San Diego (in Spring Valley) from 1977-1984.

Carole C

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

JudyS on 8/24/03 at 10:41 (127809)

Rose - I'm in San Diego also....
don't forget Road Runner Sports in Kearny Mesa and Movin' Shoes (my favorite) in PB and La Mesa.

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

rose on 8/24/03 at 13:20 (127828)

Spring Valley??? That is where I live. 30 years on Parkbrook Street

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

rose on 8/24/03 at 13:23 (127829)

They weren't listed on the New Balance site. I got my information on the internet site and then called the stores. Only threee had the shoes, although many more stores were listed as having them. Tell me a little about the one in La Mesa. I live in Spring Valley.

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

Carole C in NOLA on 8/24/03 at 16:35 (127849)

My ex and I bought our first house on Portola Ave., just down Jamacha from you in the La Presa section of Spring Valley, and lived there from 1980-1984. Before that, when he was in the Navy we rented a duplex on Albemarle, almost in National City, for several years.

When I look at how prices of homes have skyrocketed in California since then, I wish we still owned the little house on Portola!

Carole C

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

Dorothy on 8/25/03 at 03:20 (127882)

Rose ~ If New Balance 1122 is what you are looking for, my favorite NB online site has them. They are Brown's New Balance Shoes and their website is: http://www.brnshu.com . I copied the 1122 info. as well as I could for your information, although you will get good info. if you go to the site. The shoe is found under women's.. running shoe...


Top (PIPE) Bottom (PIPE) Arch (PIPE) Outside (PIPE) Rear


View Running Shoe
NB Technology
NB Suspension System

e-mail W1122MC to a friend

W1122MC -
Women's Running
$110 (reg. $120)
Back to School Savings [scroll down to order]

This high-mileage trainer is built for runners who require maximum motion control, stability, and cushioning. It offers superior motion control for pronators and supinators. ROLLBAR technology maximizes rearfoot stability while also aiding a smooth gait cycle. The TPU posting, a stabilizing device, aids in motion control too. In additon, the dual density ENCAP provides a softened heel strike with optimal durability. ABZORB SBS in the heel and forefoot enhances cushioning and shock absorption. Made in the USA. White and blue synthetic/mesh.

Abzorb SBS in Heel and Forefoot
Made in the USA
TPU Medial & Lateral Post


Motion Control


Weight: 334 Grams/ 11.8 oz. (Size 7)

It's a good website and they are good folks to do business with.

Re: Just for Feet getting really bad?

JudyS on 8/26/03 at 17:44 (128087)

Hi Rose - Movin' Shoes is a tiny little runner's shoe store on the corner of Lake Murrey and Jackson - across from the Ross store.
My whole family has been buying their running shoes there for years for several reasons - the owner is/was our son's cross-country coach, each and every salesperson is very knowledgeable, they are very patient, you can walk or jog a bit on the sidewalk while trying shoes and they'll order anything they may not have in stock - but that's rare.
I live in the Granite Hills section of East County.