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Posted by Mary B on 8/10/03 at 12:11 (126679)

Is there anyone who has had the treatment of solitron for PF that can tell me how long afterward the recovery period is? Are you laid low for awhile or have to use a cane or crutches? I understand the ultrawaves break the fascia down so I know there has to be a convalescent period. I am planning to go this treatmentas I am scared silly of the surgery and want to try everything else first. I have had two cotisone shots last year and they did me well for 7 mos but I'm in trouble again now and the one shot I have had had still left a lot of pain.I'm planning on one more shot before the Solitron. Any comments?

Re: Solitron

Mary B on 8/10/03 at 13:17 (126684)

I don't know where I got that name! It is supposed to be Ossatron.

Re: Solitron

Dr. Z on 8/10/03 at 13:35 (126686)

The treatment is called ESWT. It uses high energy sound waves to micro trauma the damaged fascia. There is no cutting with this procedure. Most patients have no down time but you must avoid high impact activity such as sports or walking malls for hours and hours. Pain reduction came be immediate or take up to six months for complete satisfactory pain relief. We have used ESWT since 1999 with very effective results. Beware of multiple continual local steriod injections they can cause plantar fascia rupture.

Re: Solitron

Mary B on 8/12/03 at 16:38 (126788)

Thank you for your comments Dr.Z. I am getting a set of injections(4) hoping to relieve this. Is this something new? Last Jan I had 1 shot and another after two weeks because the pain was coming back. My doctor was relunctant to give me the second one so soon but it did the trick.Of couse I'm in trouble again and hence the 4 shots. I thought you were not to get more than three a year. I'm confused but still hopeful because of the experience last winter. I'm still keeping the treatment with Ossatron in mind rather than surgery, even tho medicare will not pay for it. I'll sell pencils in order to avoid surgery.