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For those who love chocalate.

Posted by marie on 8/10/03 at 21:01 (126707)

I got these tidbits from a magazine called 'Grace Woman'. I certainly crave chocolate. There is no better treat. If you have info about the positive affects of chocolate please add to the list....ooooo recipes would be nice as well. Now I'm going to go have a chocolate covered icecream bar...of course low fat.

Constant Craving? nutritionist Marc David saids....

'Chocolate is one of the few foods that contains all 5 tastes...sweet, salt, sour, bitter,and pungent. Chocolate contains a good dose of Magnesium, so cravings indicate need for this mineral, which is likely as important to bone health as calcium.'

Researchers at the University of California at Davis have found food that the flavonoids in chocolate are associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.