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Surgery or Electromagnetic shock thereapy? Results?

Posted by JuneW on 8/11/03 at 09:59 (126718)

Need comments from anyone who has had either surgery or electomagnetic shock therapy for chronic plantar fasciitix. I've been in pain since April and have had everything but these 2 treatments. My pan is worse. I wear a boot all day and a night splint. Still I have pain an it is getting worse. Any recommendations?

Re: Surgery or Electromagnetic shock thereapy? Results?

john h on 8/11/03 at 11:07 (126723)

June since you have only had plantar fasciaitis for about 5 months you have a 90% chance of obtaining a complete cure with conservative measures. Just make sure you have a Doctor who has a good understanding of the disease and handles these cases on a regular basis. Read a lot of the information on this board so you know the right questions to ask your Doctor. Are you seeing a Podiatrist or Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Specialist? I think most family Doctors are not nearly as up to date at treating this problem so I would see one of the two I mention. Do you wear orthotics, good shoes, ice, any stretching,etc? Are you doing anything to aggrevate the condition like running or standind all day? Let us know what you are doing to cure yourself.