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Bone Spurs

Posted by Robin M on 8/11/03 at 14:18 (126733)

My mother has been diagnosed with a bone spur. She says the bottom of her foot doesn't hurt. The back (say where a sandle strap would fall on the back of your foot) of her foot is what hurts. She has a nice little swollen area on the back of her heal. I didn't think the plantar fascicia ran up the back of your heal, so could this be something else besides a bone spur? Plus, I keep telling her she needs to get out of her Keds and into a good athletic shoe. Am I correct here?

Re: Bone Spurs

Mary Ann Boss on 8/12/03 at 14:49 (126778)

I have had bone spurs on my heels for a lone time.They didn't bother me much for 4 years. Now they are bothering me again. I also have PF Neurepathy. I need some exiercise to do for my bone spurs. I also have done the inserts in my shoes which didn't help. A foot doc got them for me.
Can you give me some help??
Mary Ann Boss

Re: Bone Spurs

Steve G on 8/13/03 at 15:57 (126859)

Mary - read the heel pain book on this site. This will give you insight into the treatment options. If you have any questions after you read the book, post a note.

Re: Bone Spurs

jamie f on 8/25/03 at 15:10 (127932)

I read the message you posted about your mother and the spot on the heel where the sandal strap meets is where mine hurts. It started about 3 weeks ago i went to the doctor to have some blood work done not for foot pain but just blood screening i thought i had pulled a muscle at work. well when my blood work came back the dr asked if my toes or feet were hurting and i said yeah my heel was hurting liking hell (by this time) she said my uric acid was high and i had Gout. she put me on some medication for that and sent me for a xray of my heel. Well i went to see her today not only do i have gout but i also was told i have heel spurs so now i have to go to a specialist.. So they are making me appt. and she did mention injections so i will let you know what they tell me and the treatment options are . but i can tell you this i dont care what it takes this is the worse pain i think i have ever had and to make it worse i have to stand at my job 8hrs a day so i will you know what happens