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maybe a cyst or blood clot...help me

Posted by alex n. on 8/12/03 at 15:25 (126783)

There is a lump on the inside of my foot right below the ankle. Surrounding the lump are veins (some of which almost look like spider veins) that are more defined than other veins. There is no pain and when I flex my foot the lump appears bigger or smaller. The lump is not hard nor does it seem to be filled with fluid. The lump is about the size of a dime and is raised about 1/2 cm from the surface with no apparent discoloration. If you have some advice that would be appreciated, maybe i just need to go see someone.

Re: maybe a cyst or blood clot...help me

Donna A. on 8/13/03 at 16:36 (126863)

I am NOT a doctor, but you should see a doctor about any change in your skin. If it were a blood clot you would not want to wait around. Make an appt. and have someone take a look at it.