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Baxter's neuritis

Posted by Tony D on 8/14/03 at 19:56 (126972)

I have had unremitting heel pain not responsive to physical therapy, steroid injections, night splints, and four months of casting. The MRI was normal. The orthopedist said he feels it's Baxter's neuritis and recommended surgery. I'm seeking information from anyone who had the surgery (or diagnosis). I understand an article about Baxter's was posted to this board in the past and I'd love to read it if anyone has a copy. I'm a runner and would love to get back to my sport. Thanks!!

Re: Baxter's neuritis

Dr. Z on 8/14/03 at 19:58 (126973)

Do you have pain when you first get up in the morning? Do you have the classic heel pain sydnrome? Try using the search engine for this article. The article that I posted came from Podiatry Today.

Re: Baxter's neuritis

Tony D on 8/14/03 at 20:06 (126975)

Thanks for the quick response! I did have heel pain that was worse in the A.M. and the doctor thought I had PF that responded to treatment but left the Baxter's neuritis present. He said that they can sometimes occur together. Currently the pain is present most of the time with no pattern of worsening (unless I'm weight bearing). The pain is on the medial aspect of the heel. I also feel some pain when rising onto the balls of my feet--the doctor said that was the confusing part of the exam. I'm not sure what the classic heel pain syndrome entails. Thanks for the lead regarding the article--I'll look for it now. TD

Re: Baxter's neuritis

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/14/03 at 20:37 (126979)

Have you had orthotics made? What is the character of the pain? (burning, sharp, tingling, etc.)

Re: Baxter's neuritis

Tony D on 8/14/03 at 20:42 (126980)

Thanks for your response! I DID have orthotics made, after physical therapy, and they did not help. I'd describe the pain as burning, not tingling at all. When I exacerbated it recently it felt like someone stuck a hot railroad spike up my heel.


Re: Baxter's neuritis

Dr. Z on 8/14/03 at 21:04 (126985)

Has Tarsal Tunnel Sydrome been evaluated.? There is alot of information about this condition on this site. It sounds like you may have this problem

Re: For Tony -- the article

Sharon W on 8/14/03 at 21:19 (126986)


You will find that article on Baxter's Neuritis that you were looking for if you do a search for Message Number 87388. (Let me know if you have any trouble.)

Just out of curiosity -- who told you about the article?


Re: For Tony -- the article

Tony D on 8/14/03 at 21:29 (126989)

Thank you! I found it. Good reading!

Re: For Tony -- the article

Tony D on 8/14/03 at 21:31 (126991)

P.S. I read about the article in a posting by someone named Joe S. (?) on this website. It came up in a site search for 'Baxter's'.

Re: For Tony -- the article

Sharon W on 8/14/03 at 22:53 (127003)

Ah. Joe S. was the one who posted the article on Baxter's neuritis in the first place -- a podiatrist surgeon who posted for a little while but chose to remain incognito.


Re: Baxter's neuritis

Marcia H. on 8/22/03 at 18:12 (127717)

Sharon, please tell me how to do a search for message #87388 . I am new at this.

Re: Baxter's neuritis

Tony D on 8/22/03 at 19:22 (127727)

Go to the homepage at: http://heelspurs.com/index.html
Click on the SEARCH link.
In the search box type in 87388.
Click the box in front of Message Boards and Database.
Click the SEARCH button.

A list of all messages referencing #87388 will come up including the original posting that contains the article to which Sharon referred.
Good luck.

Re: Baxter's neuritis

BrianJ on 9/03/03 at 12:48 (128696)

Hi Tony --

I had the Baxter's surgery about a year ago. Dr. Baxter performed the surgery himself. It healed up fine, but the surgery left me no better and no worse. In other words, I still have significant heel pain.

If you are considering this surgery, I would recommend having a diagnostic injection of anesthetic into the area around the first branch of the lateral plantar nerve. If this temporarily eliminates the pain, perhaps surgery is indicated. If not, I would not get surgery.

Keep in mind that PF is a much more common cause of heel pain than nerve entrapment.

Re: Baxter's neuritis

TonyD on 9/03/03 at 15:13 (128704)

Thanks Brian.
I had the anesthetic---it seemed to help. I saw a podiatrist yesterday for a second opinion after the orthopedic surgeon arranged a surgery date. The podiatrist concurs with the original opinion. Encouraging, at least. He said that nerve conduction tests are difficult to weigh and interpret in these cases. Two MRIs showed normal PF so I suppose it's a diagnosis of exclusion. Wish there were a gold standard test for the nerve compression. Good luck to you.

Re: Baxter's neuritis

TonyD on 9/03/03 at 15:25 (128709)

Marcia, I did not hear back from you about the article. If you were not able to open the document, please contact me and I will cut and paste it in an email to you.

Re: Baxter's neuritis

Marcia H. on 9/04/03 at 16:35 (128777)

Thanks Tony.I can't open the document so please email. I seem to have pf + ....is mostly burning even after 5 years of conventional treatments, TTS and release of flexor hallucis longus, ESWT (2), my 5th podiatrist is considering Baxter's nerve surgery.

Re: Baxter's neuritis

Marcia H. on 9/06/03 at 12:02 (128963)

For Brian J: S orry to hear you did not get better with the surgery. Please tell me if Dr. Baxter is located in Houston. I may decide to see him.