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New Yorkers are great !

Posted by Necee on 8/15/03 at 08:06 (127010)

After watching the news reports about the power outages in the Northeast, I'm impressed with the actions and kindness of all the citizens there.
New Yorkers you are wonderful people! In the past, I've always heard that you were rude and impatient folks, but since 911, peoples hearts and actions have changed greatly. Once again this city has been put under great distress, and once again you have proven to the rest of the nation that you can all come together, rise above it, and make the best of a bad situation.
God Bless New York.


Re: New Yorkers are great !

Carole C in NOLA on 8/15/03 at 08:19 (127012)

Yes, it was very impressive! I've never been there but it sounded like what could have been a pretty scary situation turned out to be not so bad, due to the kindnesses of strangers to strangers.

It's amazing that we got as much live coverage of it as we did. I read that some of the news media were typing into their battery operated laptops using flashlights, and some shared their video footage with other networks.

My dear friend Frank lives in western Connecticut, west of New Haven, but luckily he happened to have left work early to get his brakes fixed. He got home safely before the blackout. All he experienced was a little 'blip' of power, and then it was back on. I was sure relieved when he messaged me to tell me that he was safely home with the power on.

Carole C

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Kathy G on 8/15/03 at 08:44 (127015)

The fact that there was no looting is quite amazing. The way that people pitched in and directed traffic was neat, too. I haven't talked with my niece yet but she uses the subway to get to her office in Downtown from her apartment in Astoria. She should have some interesting stories to tell!

Here in southern NH, we got the same as Frank. Just a momentary dimming of our lights and then we were fine. All I could think of was the poor people in elevators or on the subway when the power went off. That would be right up there with my worst nightmare!

Maybe now the government will realize that we have to do something about updating the power grid in this country. They didn't pay much attention when this happened in the midwest or in California. I thought they said it couldn't happen again after the outage in 1965 but I guess they still haven't addressed the problem properly.

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Carole C in NOLA on 8/15/03 at 11:12 (127028)

Yes, being in an elevator when the power went out would be my worst nightmare! (Closely followed by being on the subway). I'm glad you are OK, Kathy; I was going to post, asking about you, but figured that if you were blacked out you couldn't answer. I'm glad all is well in your area.

I have a nephew who lives in White Plains and his wife works two blocks from the twin towers (I'm not sure where he works, though I'd imagine it's in the city somewhere). On 9/11 she had just emerged from the subway station there when the tragedy happened. She ran/walked clear to Harlem, where she was able to find transportation of some kind. I suppose she had to do the same thing all over again.

You are so right about the need for an updated power grid in the twenty-first century! I think when they said it couldn't happen after the outage in 1965, they probably did not foresee the changes in the system and in the demand during the following 38 years. But now, we need to update and we need to use as much vision as we can find, when we do it.

Carole C

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/15/03 at 11:35 (127033)

Yes, quite impressive. Amazingly the only looting I had heard about included a few incidents in Canada. Several tens of millions have been plunged into darkness but all is calm and peaceful! Certainly gives us all something to smile about considering the positive aspect of human nature.

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Peter R on 8/15/03 at 13:09 (127048)

There was looting in Bedford Styversant, Brooklyn NY where 20+ mutants were arrested looting a SNEAKER store. Lets see: Bed Sty + Sneakers + looting + blackout - affirmative action = Darwin was wrong

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Peter R on 8/15/03 at 13:50 (127050)

Update on NY'ers are great:

Within minutes of the blackout bottled water was being hawked at $5.00 and cabbies were demanding $300 cash for rides out of the city. Every time I am unfortunate enough to have to be in NYC I keep looking up expecting too see a giant hand lowering a giant trash can cover onto what is really a giant garbage pail that called the big apple. Here's is what NYC is all about: the streets reek of uncollected rotting garbage, dog feces, and the homeless hordes deficating in the street, the administration is trying to finance their fiscal mismanagement by giving summonses for anything that they can think of including too much writing on a store awning and people live packed into overpriced apartments with less room per person than poor migrant farm workes have. The alleged greatest city in the world exist only in the world of the priveleged few who don't have to play hopscotch over the dog poop and the homeless. Every sidewalk is jammed with illegal aliens selling bogus goods or contaminated foods from carts that are kept at night in hot rat infested garages. If you try to use a restroom in a public building you better be able to hold your breath longer than a pearl diver and be rich enough to throw your shoes away before you enter your hovel of an apartment. Culture- you say that NYC has the Broadway theatre- yes they do if you have $75+(more likely $100+ for a popular show) for a show ticket. Ok there are the museums but you better move quickly because if you stop to look at an exhibit you may get pickpocketed. How about the school system- go ahead, get a MA in Ed and you can have a job in a run down building without adequate supplies at a salary that makes it necessary for you to have a second job and for a Ed Board that only cares about perpetuating their own cushy jobs and not educating the children. This is evidenced by the hoards of hoodlums that stream out of every city school at dismissal and torment local shopkeepers, people in the street and passengers on the trains and buses. I could go on forever but I get nauseated just thinking about the big apple aka big sewer. NYC is a pox on society. Probably Detroit, Atlanta and St Lois would also fit this description to some degree but there is nothing in the world as sick as NYC.

Re: New Yorkers are great !

marie on 8/15/03 at 14:02 (127054)

What part of the country do you live in? I understand that you probably travel alot. Is the a place you like? If so what is it?

I was pretty impressed that people behaved as well as they did last night. That doesn't mean that there won't be any problems. I think Americans can pull together when the going gets tough. We're not perfect but we're a pretty good group.

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Ed Davis, DPM on 8/15/03 at 14:39 (127055)

It has been at least 10 years since I have been to New York. Your descriptions certainly bring back memories. I thought that Rudy Giuliani had cleaned up a lot of the city?

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Suzanne D on 8/15/03 at 17:25 (127065)

Carole, I actually thought about Frank when I heard the news. Glad he is o.k. My heart goes out to all the people affected.

Several years ago we had a bad storm come through around the first of June. We had no power for part of two days, but some of our neighbors on down another road had none for 4 or 5 days. I kept a lady's meat in my freezer to keep it from spoiling.

My mother always said, 'You don't miss the water 'till the well runs dry...', and I think of that when these things happen. We rely so much on power and water, etc., and we don't realize how much until we don't have it.

Suzanne :)

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Suzanne D on 8/15/03 at 17:29 (127066)

Glad you're o.k., Kathy! I thought of you, too, last night.

We had a fire drill at school today and will have a sme4 drill next week, we were told at the faculty meeting this morning. I think sometimes about how it would be to be at school for an extended time with a room full of first graders (or any grade!) without power or in some state of emergency. I hope I never experience that. I think of the teacher who died, covering her students, during one of the school shootings. She was a hero in my eyes.

Take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Carole C in NOLA on 8/15/03 at 19:13 (127069)

Suzanne, thanks for thinking about Frank when you heard the news! Maybe the fact that so many people were thinking about him, made yesterday his lucky day. Even the brake job didn't cost him too much.

You are so right about our reliance on water and power. I never have had to go without them for very long, but I imagine it would be awful. One poor lady was stuck in an elevator for 14 hours. Another walked down 38 floors. I'm sure some had even worse experiences. I don't think I'd ever want to live or work above the third floor after listening to the interviews of random New Yorkers on TV yesterday.

Carole C

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Peter R on 8/15/03 at 19:15 (127070)

I spend most of the year in western Mass, almost on the NY border.
I built the house in the middle of 57 acres of old growth woods that my father and his business partner bought in 1910 for hunting. The deal was that the property reverted to the survivor and that was my father and he left it to my sisters and I and I bought it from them. It's tucked into about 1000 acres of state land and the driveway from the road is about 1/2 mile from the road and gated so that only an atv could get up the driveway unless the gate was opened. I guess that snowmobilers might wander around in the winter but I've never heard or seen them and I have only seen some tracks. The woods are very thick and that limits the snowmobilers becasue there is very little open space to run around in. They have to go slow because of the thick woods and that takes the fun out of it I guess. My dogs run around loose and they are pretty wild. When I'm not there a friend stays there and takes care of the dogs and the house. My friend and I are the only ones who can aproach them. Everybody within 20 miles knows the property and stays out because they know I don't want any univited visitors.
To be honest with everbody- people are not really among my favorite things

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Sharon W on 8/15/03 at 19:54 (127073)

I was interested in the story about hordes of desperate commuters who had been trapped in traffic finding public rest rooms in rest areas locked and barred because their flush mechanisms are triggered by electric eyes...

There are so many things like that, things we just never even think about until something like this happens.


Re: Mass. is great too!

marie on 8/15/03 at 21:52 (127089)


I bet it's beautiful in the winter, certainly peaceful. Some folks prefer to be alone and that's ok. I imagine large cities are not your favorite place to be. I am not fond of phones ringing myself but with the business in our home I have had to adjust. I'm just not a phone person and that's ok. I would much rather live in a cabin in the deep woods but I'm afraid that wouldn't work with the business we have. That's why we bought the little cabin so we could retreat from living in the middle of a very active small town. No phones allowed.

There are three things I love and at the same time hate to see right now.
1. The Monarch Butterflys are here on their way back to South America.
2. Large flocks of birds flying south.
3. The college students are back. They're all over the grocery stores and Walmart buying stuff for their dorms....it's kinda cute as most are experiencing their first adult duty, GROCERY SHOPPING.

I enjoy seeing all these creatures (not the students) but at the same time it means summer is almost over.

Best wishes to you,

Re: New Yorkers are great !

marie on 8/15/03 at 22:01 (127090)

I thought this was a nice editorial from the NYTimes.

When the Lights Went Out

It was inevitable that the first question after the lights went out was not when they would return, but whether terrorism was involved. We live now in a world in which no crisis seems quite as critical once there is an assurance that it was not caused by a terrorist plot.

It seemed more likely that the problem was lightning or too many air-conditioners, or a power surge that caused a breakdown near the Canadian border, sending outages cascading through Canada and the northeastern United States. In the first hours, no one knew for sure. But that was more or less what had happened in 1977, and many people in New York still have fond or frightening memories of that blackout. Their reaction to the sudden cessation of power yesterday afternoon, however, was informed by more recent events. We know that when something bad occurs, people are supposed to try to take care of one another. The challenge yesterday was whether the populace could hold onto the painfully learned lessons of Sept. 11 at a time when the crisis was more mundane.

A blackout requires a whole new set of skills from city dwellers, and yesterday the low-tech became king. Bicycles and flashlights were temporarily priceless. The best stereo system in the world could not hold a candle to a child's battery-operated radio. Meanwhile, Mayor Michael Bloomberg sounded calm, firm and well organized the perfect tone for a citywide shutdown that required teamwork without poetry.

At least for the first hours of the blackout of 2003, cars stopped for pedestrians without the urging of traffic lights though in many places the gridlock was too severe to allow anyone to reach a very threatening speed. People with homes they could get to offered spare beds and couches to the less fortunate. The unlucky made do with an office couch and directed their sympathy toward those with the bad fortune to have been taking a subway or an elevator at the very minute that something went extremely wrong with that power station somewhere up north.

For New Yorkers, the blackout was all about them and their reaction, just as people in Detroit and Toronto regarded the event as uniquely their story. They will remember where they were when the lights went out, and will tell one another that for a few minutes, they wondered whether terrorists had struck again.

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Jane on 8/15/03 at 22:51 (127098)

I agree....I even said to my husband that after 9/11 and a three day power outage we had in February 2001 from an Ice Storm....(I live in a buffalo suburb - and no Niagara Falls did not have any lightening in our Crystal Clear sky yesterday LOL)...I told him I had no worries what so ever....I think we all (the country have come a long long way in the last 2 years. :) Kudos to U.S.!!! :)

Re: New Yorkers are great !

JudyS on 8/16/03 at 17:58 (127142)

Wow Peter - I guess you could't resist.

Re: NYC -
Overall the authorities there are saying they couldn't have gotten a better reaction from residents. Lots of kudos all around. And they all still pretty much deserve everyone else's compassion.

All big cities suffer from most of the issues you described.

I had the opportunity to visit there last spring and couldn't have been more pleased with how I was treated.
I encountered no dog poop and only as many homeless as I encounter here in San Diego.
Although I bought some theatre tickets before I went there, I bought more there at the 50% off kiosk in Times Square. But the reality is that not every person can afford every activity. Some people can't afford to go to their local movie house - does that make the movie house bad? Broadway theatre is one of the most wonderful things NYC and this country have to offer.

My sister and I were impressed with the constant clean-up activities in the streets, walks and gutters.

We saw no illegal aliens selling rotten foods and were never acosted by anyone.

We visited several museums and were not once pickpocketed.

Hoodlums torment shopkeepers in all large cities - ever been to east LA?
Sometimes it's because of poor education, sometimes it's because they're just hoodlums.

Boards of Education in every city and many, many towns are criticized for poor practices. They're an easy target given that most states simply don't fund them adequately.

People who live in 'overpriced' apartments are making a choice. Perhaps to many of them it's worth it to live in such an exciting metropolis. Then too, not everyone can afford to live on a piece of property like yours.

Speaking of fiscal mismanagement - bone up on the current state of affairs of the San Diego City Council. How bazaar is a body of government that, by contract, must pay for all unpurchased seats at Charger football games? :-/

I liked NYC. No, I wouldn't live there. SoCal was made for me.

Re: Surprising bargain!

Carole C in NOLA on 8/16/03 at 18:58 (127149)

What a deal! Broadway shows for only $75-$100 a ticket? I had no idea they were that cheap. I thought they cost more like $300-$400 a ticket for the unpopular ones that still had tickets left.

These days $75 is nothing, especially when you consider that most people who see a Broadway show seem to remember it their entire lives. Personally, I am not a fan of shows at all. Actually, to be blunt you couldn't pay me to go. Each to his own, and that's not for me. But if I wanted to go, I think that's an outstandingly fair price.

Frank has often spent that much to take me to dinner and a movie here in New Orleans; it really adds up if you buy drinks and popcorn at the movie and eat dinner someplace nice. If you like Broadway shows, go to the show and skip the food and drinks, for heaven's sake. Feed the soul. What a bargain!

Carold C

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Suzanne D on 8/16/03 at 19:06 (127151)

Judy, what you found in NYC was exactly what I saw when I went with my daughter's choir last May. Of course we were tourists and of course didn't see the whole spectrum, but we walked Times Square and China Town, etc., and I was surprised to see few homeless. We were treated respectfully. Our guide told us as we drove through Harlem how much it had been cleaned up in the last 15 years or so. We toured museums as well and enjoyed them.

Of course to this small town KY 'girl', it was monstrously huge and fast-paced and 'out of my league', but it was an exciting visit. I live in a rural area which appears to be one of the sleepy places that time forgot. But we were robbed here 15 years ago at 7:30 in the evening in broad daylight while we were at a church function. Unfortunately there are cruel and mean people everywhere, but fortunately there are wonderful people in every place as well. No stereotypes are ever completely true. I'm from KY, and I DO wear shoes and have a college education, and, yes, I do have an accent, but, no, that does not mean I do not use proper English.

Thanks for your perspective, Judy!
Suzanne :)

Re: Surprising bargain!

Suzanne D on 8/16/03 at 19:16 (127153)

When I went to NYC with my daughter's choir, we went to a show on Broadway, Carole; it was Aida, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Since my daughter has been in several youth theater plays, it was truly a highlight for her. I really don't know how much our tickets were as we paid one amount for our entire experience. But, as you said, it was worth it! And I taught extended school classes two afternoons a week all year so that we would be sure to have the money to go since we also had my older daughter's wedding expenses to think of. You're right: an evening at a nice restaurant along with a movie isn't cheap, either. Sometime I would enjoy a nice dinner in New Orleans! I think that sounds like a real good time.

Suzanne :)

Re: Surprising bargain!

Carole C in NOLA on 8/16/03 at 19:50 (127155)

If you are ever in New Orleans, we can go to dinner someplace nice, Suzanne! You are right, it is a lot of fun to eat out here. :)

Aida must have been great. When I was a little girl and took piano lessons, I played 'March from Aida'. 'Dot DAH, (hmm hmm hmm) da da da DAH DAH DAH, dah dee do da, de da, da dee da dee da... ' That was from the old version, of course! It was a very elegant march.

I'm so glad you got to see Aida! I'm sure it is something you will always remember.

Carole C

Re: Surprising bargain!

JudyS on 8/16/03 at 20:53 (127159)

Be careful what you wish for Carole - there are those of us who are already deciding that New Orleans is well located for a PF get-together!
How much guest room do you have? :)

Re: Surprising bargain!

Carole C in NOLA on 8/16/03 at 21:24 (127162)

LOL! I couldn't fit all of you here, though I have a guest bedroom with a queen sized bed that you are welcome to. There are motels for the overflow. :)

Carole C

Re: New Yorkers are great !

Dr. Z on 8/17/03 at 08:20 (127176)

New York is a great place to live, and visit. That's why they write songs about the Big Apple. I would eat a Hot Dog from the Carts any day of the week. Have no idea what part of New York we are talking about. I was in NYC about eight weeks ago. Did something change in that time frame.

Re: Surprising bargain!

Suzanne D on 8/17/03 at 11:29 (127184)

Someday I hope to take you up on that offer, Carole!

It's neat that you still remember that march. Do you ever play piano now?

Suzanne :)