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Burning and tingling on top to my feet?!

Posted by Sherrie on 8/15/03 at 09:42 (127023)

I have tts in both ankles and I am scheduled to have surgery on my worsed ankle(the right one) with Dr. Dellon in November after my sons soccer season is over. My problem now is that for the passed few weeks I have been feeling symptoms of burning and tingling especially into my big toe and throughout the tops of both feet, I guess this is some sort of entrapment also the outsides of my ankles and the outsides of my knees keep having sensations like needles and pins and tingling, I don't know what's going on? What makes this so difficult is that I have fibromyalgia and I have weird sensations like burning and tingling in differents parts of my body now and then, but this has been a little different, and it hasn't gone away now and I believe it started about 3 weeks ago. Doctors or anyone have any ideas on these symptoms? Thanks, Sherrie

Re: Burning and tingling on top to my feet?!

Sharon W on 8/15/03 at 11:33 (127032)


How tight are your shoes? Are you by any chance wearing new ones? I know that may sound like nit-picking but with feet as sensitive as yours must be, something like that can make a huge difference...


Re: Burning and tingling on top to my feet?!

Pam S. on 8/15/03 at 22:49 (127097)

I also have fibro and I also had TTS release several years ago. I STILL get burning in both my feet and no one really knows why but I have read many times that this is common with fibro. I get this in my arms sometimes too. It seems to be like a nerve pain for me.

A little advice even thou I am not sure how bad your fibro is. I did not know I had fibro until after I had the surgery. Crutches sp?(sorry I cannot spell) were very hard for me. I would get a scooter or a walker if you think this will be a problem for you. The general was very hard on me. I had never had surgery before. I would have a block if I were to have this again.

A stool with rollers for your kitchen or even a wheel chair would be great for the first few weeks. A chair for your bathroom.

Ask your dr. for any other instructions such as pain meds. that would be best for you. I was very sensitive to alot of things and I did not know why.

You might have a bit of a flare up after the surgery. Try to stretch as best as you can even thought you cannot do weight bearing for a while. Someone can hopefully show you ways to stretch your back and neck sort of like what you would do on a long flight.

You sound like you will be in great hands. Ask me any questions and I will try to help. Fibro is always confusing because you never know whether pain is coming from that or some other source. Good luck, Pam